Write a story with a theme: Inconsideration

1. Describe how Fadley was inconsiderate at home by making a lot of noise with his friends.
2. Describe how he refused to stop making a din even though his sister had to study for her examinations.
3. Describe how his sister had to return home late to avoid the disturbance.
4. Describe how his sister was almost harmed.
5. Describe how Fadley felt and how he changed his inconsiderate ways.

“I am Michael Jackson!” Fadley told his friends as he impersonated the famous singer. His small group of friends clapped to the beat of the music as Fadley pranced around in his bedroom.

It was a routine now with these boys to gather in Fadley’s room after school to sing or dance to deafening pop music. Fadley’s mother and eleven-year-old sister, Siti, often found the din unbearable. Whenever his mother reprimanded him for the noise, Fadley would say that she had no taste for modern music. However, when the Primary School Leaving Examination was around the corner, Siti found the situation intolerable. The piercing sounds that lasted for hours, made revision impossible. She asked her brother to be more considerate, but he only told her to stuff her ears with cotton wool. Finally, Siti decided to study in the study room at the community center.

Consequently, Siti returned home late every night. Her mother satisfaction fretting at the doorway each night, waiting for her. She felt that Siti was too young to be walking home unaccompanied at night. Fadley, however, was indifferent to his mother’s worries or his sister’s inconvenience.

One night, Siti was unusually late and this even bothered Fadley. He was about to go in search of her, when Siti ame back, crying. With her was their neighbor, Mrs Li.

Mrs. Li told them that she saw a stranger threatening to harm Siti if she did not give him her valuables. Mrs. Li had run to Siti’s help and chased the robber away after hitting him with her big umbrella.

Mrs. Li had then taken Siti to the police post to notify the police of the attempted robbery.

Fadley felt thoroughly ashamed of himself. As an elder brother, he should have been more considerate and responsible. He promised his mother that he would amend his ways. From that night onwards, peace and quiet reigned in their household.

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