Write a story about how your irresponsibility caused an accident.

1. Describe how your little brother decided to pick some flowers for your mother for Mother’s Day.
2. Describe how you were irresponsible by not taking good care of your little brother because you were engrossed chatting on the phone.
3. Describe how your brother met with an accident.
4. Describe how you felt.

Mother’s Day was approaching. My elder brother, Gopal, and I were busy planning to get a surprise gift for Mother. My little six-year-old brother, Raiju, had no money to contribute, so he had to think of something else to give her.

Raju decided to pick a bunch of flowers for Mother. He asked me to take him to the park across the road to get the flowers. Gopal and our parents were not in, so I was put in charge of Raju. However, I was busy having a nice chat with my friend on the phone, and did not want to be disturbed, I waved Raju away, and told him to go on his own. Obediently, Raju set off alone with a big empty basket.

When I finally put down the phone, it was already five o’clock. It was then that I realized, with horror, that Raju was not back. He had been gone for almost four hours! Why, he would have picked all the flowers in the park in that time!

I immediately left the house and hurried off in search of Raju in the park. I finally found his basket, half-filled with flowers, under a rambutan tree in one of the quieter spots in the park. A scared voice came down to me from the tree. I looked up and saw Raju hanging precariously from a tree branch. His face was pale and his voice, choking with a mixture of fright and relief, came down a gain, “Sita, help! I wanted to get rambutans for Mother, but I dare not climb down now”.

Before I could climb up to get him, he lost his grip on the branch and fell sprawling to the grass below. Things happened in a blur after that. A couple who happened to walk past at that time came to my aid. Soon, Raju was warded in the hospital. He had fractured his arm and had to wear a cast on that arm for a month.

I was overwhelmed with remorse. Had I been more responsible and taken Raju to the park, I would never have allowed him to climb the rambutan tree. Then, the accident would never have happened. I realized then what a seemingly harmless little act of irresponsibility could lead to.

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