Select the correct alternative from the following

1) To make documents more readable across platforms and machine, the ____  specification was created.

Ans-> c) Unicode

2) Unicode is also known as _________.

Ans-> c) UTF-8

3) Transliteration is related to  _____.

Ans-> Phonetic.

4) The google translate ________allows to view web pages available in other languages.

Ans-> Web element.

Write  True or  false

1) Systems recognizing Unicode can read and process data from only one language. 

Ans -> False

2) Unicode is also known as universal Alphabet.

Ans -> True.

3) Transliteration and translation means the same.

 Ans -> False.

4) Google dictionary is method to look up word meanings across languages.

Ans -> True.

5) Google translate is a free automatic translator.

Ans -> True.

Answer in brief.

1) What is Unicode?

Ans-> Unicode is the universal character encoding standard, developed by Unicode consortium, for written character and text. Unicode enables multilingual text to exchange  data across different platforms and operating system. Unicode or UTF-8 (Universal alphabet) covers a million character including majority  of writing system in the world. Unicode allows a single documents to handle multiple language on any operating system.

2) Give the output of  following using Baraha IME

a) namaH        b) veL  c) RuShl

Ans-> (a) नमो       (b)  वेळ       c) ऋषी

Answer the following questions.

1) What is transliteration?

Ans-Transliteration simply converts a text from one script to another. The speech sound of a Marathi word or syllable, as it is pronounced, must be used to type in English. We should select source and target languages. If we select English as  source and Marathi as target , The typed text in English phonetically converted to similarly pronounced letters and vowel signs of Marathi. Translation will not convert an English word of the same meaning in Marathi.

2) Explain Google translate in detail.

Ans-> Google Website translator or Translator web element is a plug in powered by Google Translate. It can be embedded in a webpage to make the webpage available in other language. Google translation supports translation between more than 57 languages. International visitors to the website will be offered a language selector to view a translated version of webpage in their language. When a visitor translate a page , The translator web element sends the text of the webpage to Google Translate and displays the translated text. The visitor is note redirected and doesn’t have to reload the page.

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