Select the correct alternative from the following

1) The popular discussion groups are

Ans-> a)  face book, b) Yahoo groups

2) Challenges of ICT in education are

Ans-> b) Cognitive development f) Problem based learning.

State True and false

1) NEFT stands for  National Electronic Fund Transfer.  Ans -> True.

2) RTGS stands for Real-time  Gross system. Ans-> True.

3) ICT – cannot be used  in evaluation process. Ans -> False.

4) E- commerce makes buying and selling activity slower. Ans -> False.

Answer in brief.

1) Explain social problems with ICT.

Ans -> Now  a  days , people choose online communication rather than real time conversation. People tend to become more individualistic and introvert. Social networking sites can cause adverse effect on young minds.

2) What are the advantages of E-commerce?

Ans->E –commerce makes buying and selling activities faster, more efficient and cheaper. It helps to reduce the cost and increase the quality of the service. Customers save time and money while suppliers have better control over their transactions.

3)  What is impact of ICT in our daily life?

Ans-> The communication is now fast, inexpensive and  reliable due broadband internet connectivity. News or messages can be sent instantly. Information, opinions and news can be shared by people all around the world through forums, discussion groups on the internet. ICT helps in creating paperless environment. Internet frauds, identity theft and pornography are threats to the society. While using the computer, Bad posture and long hours leads to physical discomfort and mental stress.

4) How can ICT be used in social network, friends and family events?

Ans -> High speed  broadband Internet connectivity is affordable and effective. The basic services are free. Any type of information can be sent to friends, colleagues and relatives via email and instant message using computer and mobile phone. Socializing is also possible through social networking sites such as Facebook, Google groups, etc.

5) How can information be shared and updated with use of ICT?

Ans->With the use of ICT, Information, opinions and news can be shared by people all around the world through forums, discussion groups on the internet. Highspeed broadband Internet connectivity is affordable, effective and even available on mobile phones. Internet helps to access and retrieve information from anywhere, at anytime. Effective sharing of information contributes to the development of knowledge society.

Answer the following questions.

1) Write how ICT can be used in education system.

Ans-> (1) Teaching : ICT enabled teaching is learner centric and motivating, with more emphasis on learning than teaching.

(2) Remedial Teaching: Teachers can adapt ICT tools to provide learning activities and practical experiences to slow learners according to the learning abilities and needs.

(3) Evaluation : Using ICTs, the teaching-learning process can be improved on the basis of information gathered  from speedy and comprehensive evaluation and assessment.

(4) Development of virtual laboratory : Interactive simulation of laboratory experiments can both improve scientific understanding and reinforce learning. Students can benefit from immediate outcome.

(5)Online tutoring: VSAT  based two way communication technology with multimedia capabilities for online tutoring on school and college subjects, management, test preparations, etc.

(6) Development of reasoning and thinking : Using ICTs, students can be develop critical thinking and reasoning skills to weed through the vast amount of information available to them through ICT.

(7) Research and development: ICTs can deliver the very best research and training to meet the future scientific needs,

(8) Instructional Material development: Services of distinguished lectures and experts are used in preparing videos of lectures and other contents to enhance the quality of classroom instructions.

2) How ICT can be used in Banking Sector & Industrial growth?

Ans-> (1) Usage of ICT in banking: ICTs have transformed the entire banking sector. Computers network and Internet form the backbone of entire banking system. Customers can access 24X7 electronic banking services that include ATM, electronic fund transfer and net baking. Bank administrators can monitor the banking activities.

(2) Usage of ICT in industry : ICTs are used in product designing, production planning and control systems, and inventory management. Workers use various computer – controlled instruments and machinery for testing and production. They monitor the robots that are used to do the dangerous or sophisticated jobs. Researchers use ICT to collect, process and analyze data for increasing productivity. Managers/administrators use ICT to oversee all aspects of a factory.

3) Write short note on ICT and health.

Ans ->  Frequent computer use for long hours are resulting in undesirable medical  condition. Bad posture leads to fatigue, neck stiffness, back pain, and pain in limbs and wrists. Carrying a laptop on the shoulders through out the day results in shoulder pain. These can be prevented by sitting straight, using footrest, and holding one’s hands correctly while typing. A laptop should be carried in a backpack specially designed to evenly distribute the weight. To prevent eye strain, headache, high blood pressure and obesity take regular breaks, looking away from the monitor at regular intervals, increasing the size of the display or text, and sitting at correct distance from the monitor.

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