Q.1 Fill in the blanks.

(1) ICT is used as tool that supplements traditional teaching and learning of science and mathematics. things

(2) Modeling is a virtual version of something in real world.

(3) A computer simulation is the technique of representing the real world by a computer program.

Q.2 Select True or False

(1) The nature of mathematics has changed considerably because of availability of ICT.True

(2) ICT tools do not help students to manipulate diagrams dynamically. False

(3) We can collect the information process them and make the prediction of certain things.True

(4) Simulation is not flexible.False

Q.3 Multiple choice question (Single correct answer)

1) Simulation creates Artificial model of a system.

2) A computer modeling is the representation on three dimensional objects on computer.

Q.4 Multiple questions (Two correct answers)

1) 21th century has created new global economy which powered  Technology ,Fuels by Information  and driven by knowledge.

2) Modeling and  Simulation  are often used Interchangeably and difference between them is trivial.

3) A computer model refers to the Algorithm  and Equations used to capture behavior of the system being modulated.

Q.5 Answer the question in short.

(1) Write the benefits of ICT in Science and Mathematics.

Ans. Interactive multimedia software’s make science and mathematics more intresting.ICT provides opportunities for collaborating with peers, professionals and scientists.ICT provides project based learning. It provides different ways of managing data and graph.ICT reduces the mathematical aspect of practical work, feeling the students to concentrate on interpreting and analyzing data.

(2) Define modeling and simulation.

Ans. Modeling- A modeling is a computer program that attempts to display a real life system. Or it is a virtual version of something in the real world. Modeling represents three dimension objects. Eg:  Car model
Simulation- It is a special type of computer software to create artificial model of a system. It offers hands on activities that feel like the real experience. Eg : Flight simulation.

(3) Explain the difference between modeling and simulation.

Ans. These two terms usually means, about the same thing. Computer modeling is the part of the computer simulation, in which digital model of an object is built which is designed to work like the real thing. The computer can then use this model to simulate various different conditions which the real object may have to deal with.

(4) Explain the benefit of modeling and simulation.

Ans. Modeling is cost effective. It is time saving if there are large number of participants. Modeling can be used at any time. It can be tested for number of time. Modeling increases the efficiency of the user. Modeling is fast and easy to use. It is multifaceted, flexible and dynamic.

Q.6 Answer the following questions.

(1) Write a short note on role of ICT in science with examples.

Ans. Collection of scientific data.-  ICT tools are used to record and store measurement electronically. Eg: Computer controlled microscopes and instruments, digital video recording are used to record and store measurements/

Visual presentation – Facilitate better understanding of concepts and process. Instant feed back provided by spreadsheet enables learners to see the effect of changing values. Eg:using spreadsheet and  Graph tools for data handling and analysis, data can be presented in more visual and clear form.

Modeling and simulations for demonstration and prediction- Animation enables teachers to demonstrate experiments and environments that would not otherwise be possible. Simulations  eliminate experimental errors and increase visual impact. Eg : Planetary system.

Interactive education and information resource. -  Models are simulated and explore a wide variety of physical phenomena. Eg : Simulation videos from internet.

(2) Write a short note on role of ICT in mathematics with examples.

Ans. Graphical User Interface – It encourage the learners to explore, make mistakes, see the consequences of their decision and rectify.

Observing Patterns- The ICT enables students to look at sufficient cases of mathematical problems by changing values, observe patterns from the invariance and covariance in the result.

Observing links and connections-  A computer enables to readily link an equation, a table of numbers and graph. The  student realize they are  different representation of same thing. Eg; Geogebra can graph directly from two equation.

Manipulating Diagrams or  graphs dynamically- Using ICT tools helps students to develop the capability  to visualize and generate their own mental image.Eg: Geogebra.

(3) What is modeling? Explain with suitable examples.

Ans- Modeling is a virtual representation of real world systems in the language of mathematical equations. Modeling aim to describe the different aspects of the real systems and their interaction through mathematics. Mathematical equations of a model are translated into computer algorithms the can be treated  and solved by ever powerful computers.


Model are used to quickly explore new solutions and innovations, that can save time and money in the development and validation phases.
For weather prediction, mathematical model of atmospheric motions are based on well know equations and phenomena.

(4) What is simulation?  Explain with suitable examples.

Ans. Simulation is the process of designing a mathematical model of a real or imagined system and conducting experiments with model. It generally refers to a computerized version of model which is run over time to study the implications of the defined interactions. A simulation bring a model to life and shows how a particular object or phenomenon is likely to behave. Simulation proves to be cheaper, safer and faster in all fields of engineering, applied science, medicine, biology, economics and applied mathematics.

Simulation  techniques are used in the designing new efficient systems. Eg: Car engines, complex air routing plan.

Training simulations thoroughly prepare trainee to react to various situations until the correct response are learned. Eg : Flight simulator or ship simulator model dangerous environments and life threatening situations, so that aircraft pilots or a ship officers are well experienced about an aircraft or ship behavior.

Simulation techniques are used to create computer games for entertainment.

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