Describe a busy shopping center during the Christmas season

1. Describe the crowd in the shopping center
2. Describe what you see and hear in the busy shopping center.
3. Describe an interesting occurrence.

Right below my apartment is a leading shopping center in Singapore. Being a frequent visitor, I know the place inside out. It is busiest and most interesting during the Christmas season.

On pre-Christmas shopping days, the place would be teeming with shoppers ceaselessly thronging the passages between the shops. The scene is fascinating. People in colorful attire, bright lights from the stores, gay balloon hanging from the ceiling and shiny tinsel all add to the Christmas atmosphere.

The din created by the Christmas carols, the stereo music blaring from the music stores and the non-stop chatter of crowds is deafening. Escalators tirelessly carry their extra load to all levels. The business-minded shopkeepers cash in on the added crowds by having pre-Christmas sales. The zealous customers have no qualms about pushing and shoving to get the goods they want. With the pushing crowd, many children get separate from their parents. Once, it was reported in the papers that a mother managed to abandon her infant child in the midst of the crowd. Till today, the mother has not been traced and the child has been adopted.

During this period too, pick-pockets and shop-lifters are up to their tricks. Warnings about keeping an eye on one’s belongings boom out now and then over the public address system. Ahmad, a security guard, is extremely vigilant too, but there are times when light-fingered crooks are too deft for him.

The shopping center may be crowded and noisy during the Christmas season, but I still enjoy shopping there.

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