Describe my sister

1. Describe your sister’s physical appearance.
2. Describe her interests.
3. Describe her personality.

My sister, Hoa, was born one year after I was, in the afternoon of the second of February, 1978. Since then, we have been dressed alike, fed the same food and have been the closest of playmates. In spite of all this, no two people can be more different than we are.

Hoa is one of those girls who makes head turn wherever she goes. Her soft, curly hair is dark brown, and is usually tied in a pony tail to keep it from falling onto her face. She has an hour-glass figure and looks sensational in brightly colored clothes. Blue, pink and purple are her favorite colors. Although she looks good in formal clothes, she is most often seen in T-shirts and shorts.

By nature, Hoa is an extrovert and enjoys outdoor activities. She is the captain of the school basketball team and is also the best player in the team. She camps and cycles at every possible opportunity.

In school, my sister is very popular. The younger girls in the school admire her because of all the medals she has won. Her basketball team-mates adore her and are willing to do anything she says.

However, Hoa’s enthusiasm for sport does not extend to her academic work. Fortunately, she does manage to pass her examinations by studying frantically at the eleventh hour. My sister aspires to be a teacher of physical education. She hopes one day to improve the status of sports in Ho Chi Minh City. Hoa has an optimistic outlook towards life. Once, when she fractured her arm and had to miss an important basketball match, she took it all in stride and said, “Well, I’ll just have to be patient and wait for the next match.” It is fun to have such an interesting person for a sister. Sometimes, I wish that I share some of her interests and her entering passion for life.

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