Describe an incident when you helped someone

1. Describe why the person needed your help
2. Describe how you spent time with the person to understand his problem and to advise him.
3. Describe how you helped that person
4. Describe how you feel about the incident.

Being the eldest in the family, I have always felt responsible for my younger siblings. My youngest brother, Tuan, has always been my favorite. Unfortunately, he was the one who was always getting into all sorts of trouble.

Countless were the times when my parents were asked to see his principal concerning his misbehavior. Tuan got into numerous fights with the other boys in school and had been caught a number of time vandalizing school property. He persistently failed to do his homework and he interrupted classes with his many pranks.

Exasperated, my parents gave up on him. Their method of disciplining him only made him more rebellious. Being the closest to Tuan, I spent evenings talking to him. I also talked to his classmates. It was after many such patient talks and careful analysis that I found the root of the problem.

Tuan, being extremely intelligent, was bored with his school work. Therefore, while his classmates were struggling with their schoolwork, Tuan would rather think of new and interesting pranks. When I spoke to Tuan about his problem, he agreed with me. He wished that his lessons were more interesting and challenging.

I approached Tuan’s principal and told him what I thought of Tuan’s misbehavior. He has skeptical at first, but after examining Tuan’s grades, he said that the idea was worth trying. He then arranged for Tuan to sit for the entrance tests to a special school for highly intelligent children. To everyone’s surprise, Tuan not only passed these tests, but did so with flying colors.

The special school readily admitted Tuan into their academic quarters. Since then he has excelled. At the rate he is going, he may even complete secondary school before I do! Tuan’s conduct reports have also been encouraging. Our parents have only been called up once to see his principal and that was concerning an extra subject that the principal wanted Tuan to take. I am really proud of my brother and I am glad that my help has been instrumental in bringing about his present academic excellence.

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