Honorable Principal, respected teachers and my dear friends, We have all gathered here to discuss the issue of good health and exercise. Very often, we all wonder if a balanced diet alone can give us good health. Or, if exercise alone is a determining factor, in maintaining our good health ?

Everyone here will agree with me that a balanced diet plays a major role in maintaining good health. But that alone is not enough. We need to keep our body supple and our mussels flexible. Only exercise can do this and if we exercise regularly our bodies seem to be slim and trim.

The moment we say exercise, today’s youngsters think of the gym. Man has invented so many machines to keep us slim and trim and if you have the money for it, they can work wonders on you. 

But tell me dear friends, what did man do before the invention of these slimming machines ? Weren’t our ancestor whole and hearty, just by walking, working and slogging? Modern man hardly walks. He has vehicles and machines at his beak and call and to serve his every need.

I think it is high time we realize the importance of natural and traditional methods of keeping ourselves in shape. They don’t require any money. Besides, pollution can be reduced to a great extent if we all walk briskly to over school or work place.

So friends, forget money and machines. Old us gold. Let’s take to busk walking, natural methods of machineless exercise and even yoga. Let’s live a longer and healthier life by sticking to a balanced diet and a strict regimen of walking, exercise or yoga.