Prepare a speech to be delivered to the students of Std. IX on how to study for Std.X.

Good morning everybody, most of all my dear students for whom I stand here today. I realize that you have been told I am going to talk as how to study for 10th standard Board Examination. And so I presume some must already be tensed and some others bored. But I have something to cheer you all up today.

Indeed I will talk on how to study for 10th But I shall talk of something from what others tell you. First of all, don’t think of 10th as something big, monstrous or scary. It is just another exam with a little more importance. The only thing necessary for you to stay on track is to stay in touch with your syllabus. You don’t have to study for 10 hours a day. 4 - 5 hours is enough if it is sincerely utilized. Science numericals, maths and language grammar must be practised every day, because it is not something one can read and remember. Choose one subject everyday. Do not over burden yourself with either studies or tension. Remember, homework done regularly and sincerely is self study in itself. That means you do not need to spend extra time for homework.

Regularity matters. It is not about finishing fast, it is about finishing well. With a proper plan you will give yourself ample time to relax and enjoy. Yes it is possible. In fact it seems the toppers enjoy the most not because they score but because they have time to enjoy as they plan their work. But we must remember it is not enough to plan our work, we must also work on our plan. With a few tips and regular work. I am sure you will do well next year. As for now, just relax !!