Prepare a speech you wish to give on the retirement of your favourite teacher.

Respected Principal, teachers and my dear students,

It is indeed with a heavy heart that we have gathered here to wish our dear Prof. Maddy a happy and fruitful retired life. We will no longer have the privilege of daily interaction and learning from a source that we have taken for granted. Prof. Maddy has been teaching in our school for the past 25 years but I have been lucky enough to have been taught by him at least for the past 2 years in the standard V and X.

My first memory of him was of a stern teacher, who entered the class with the text in the left hand and chalk dust all over his right hand. He made a dreaded subject like mathematics seem easy when he worked out the problems on the blackboard with lightning speed. He made us learn the formulae, theorems and equations so that they remained in our heads. He reduced an amazing number of chalk sticks to dust on his hands and the toes of his shiny black shoes.

It saddens me that Prof. Maddy will be retiring from active teaching. We have no words to thank him enough for giving us a strong foundation in Maths. He always told us that no problem is too difficult to solve. We wish him good health, happiness and contentment in his well-deserved time of rest and reflection with the satisfaction of job well done.