State the role of ICT in science and technology.

 Ans:-  Digital computers were invented for performing long, time consuming scientific calculation quickly. Today’s fast computers can create and display virtual reality scenarios on the computer monitor. Scientists use simulations to test scientific theories’ as well as to perform risky experiment’s, such as those involving explosive or toxic materials. A flight simulator is now invariably used to teach trainee pilots various controls of an aeroplane. This allows the trainee to practise all the controls under normal as well as emergency situation before actually flying a plane, thus minimising the risk of loss of life and property.

Simulations of surgical procedure allow medical students to learn and practise a surgery, and its intricacies and risks, without dangering a patient’s life.  Another use of computer simulations in medicine is for testing a new drug before it can be allowed to be used for humans.  The earlier practise of using animals for drug testing is now banned because of ethical implications.

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