Sate the advantages of ICT.

Ans:-  ICT is increasingly used in the field of education because of its following advantages.

1)       ICT can make education accessible to all. With the use of various communication technologies, like radio conferencing and the Internet, is possible to provide education to provide education to people who are isolated by geographic, social and infrastructural barriers.

2)      ICT infuses greater efficiency in education learning can continue even outside an educational institution.  A learner can access study materials or recorded lectures of subject experts even from home.

3)      The use of ICT can highly motivate and engage a learner.  It helps in visualising many abstract concepts, fosters enquiry and stimulates the learner to explore further, on the other hand a slow learner can use ICT to learn and practise the basic skills at his own pace.

4)      Teachers can use ICT to develop good teaching materials and also to expose the students to a world of information.

5)      Learning through the use of ICT can provide opportunities and motivation for learning anywhere, anywhere, any time and at any age. Thus, ICT has the potential to fulfil the long-standing inspirational concepts of learning as lifelong activity.

6)       The use of ICT can help an educational institution in the administrative and academic management of the institution, e.g. student admission and assessment pay roll and accounting library information system, etc.

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