State the uses of ICT in day-to-day life.

 Ans:-    Information and communication technology (ICT) has transformed the way people work, learn and have fun some of the broad application areas of ICT are as follows.

1)      Business :-  ICT helps a seller in business transaction with customers and suppliers, as well as remains up to date withal aspects of his/her business sales, expenses, etc

2)      Industry:-  computer are used in designing, automated manufacturing inventory control etc.

3)      Home:-  A computer at home can be used for playing games as well as for personal accounting shopping various banking transactions including bill payment playing games and communicating are possible through the Internet.

4)      Education and training:- Multimedia educational software’s and Internet connectivity can motivate and make learning at all levels a rich experience.  Training using ICT is easier and cheaper.

5)      Entertainment and arts:-computer are now exclusively used for editing cine films, creating special effects and animations composing music creating illustrations and cartoons, and restoring still pictures.

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