Write the significance of Russian Revolution.

       The significance of the Russian Revolution can be stated as under:
1)       The Russia Revolution has a significant place in the history of the modern world.
2)       This was the first revolution inspired by the philosophy of Karl Marx.
3)       The worker class acquired a great importance due to this revolution.
4)       The revolution gave the world a direction in bringing about social development through economic planning.
5)       The revolution was an attempt at creating a social order without religion, class and exploitation.
6)       The concept of 'Welfare State' was accepted everywhere in the world.
7)       The message of a total freedom from all sorts of restrictions was given.
8)       This event ushered in a new era. It brought about a fundamental change in the political, social, economic, cultural and scientific fields of Russia.
9)       America was given a potential rival on the world level in the form of Russia.
The revolution set up the principles of equality, cooperation and global fraternity