Write functions and three main factors of League of Nations.

The League of Nations was the first ever experimentation on world peace after the First World War. The three main factors of the League and their functions were as follows:

Assembly: The assembly of the League was an Assembly of nations in which all the member nations were given membership. The President of the Assembly was elected from among the members. Each nation had only one voting right.
Functions: -
(1)     To look after the plans and programmes of the League.
(2)     To exercise control over other branches of the League.
(3)     To discuss the issues that disturbs world peace.
The Committee: The Committee means the executive body of the League. It included five permanent and four non permanent members. England, France, Italy, Japan and Germany were permanent members while four non permanent members were elected by the Assembly from the representatives of member nations. The meetings were held as per need. Every decision needed to be passed by majority.

Functions: -
(1)     To implement the decisions of the League.
(2)     To solve the crisis among nations.
(3)     To control Secretariat.
(4)     To handle any issue relating to world peace.

Secretariat: The Secretariat was the office of the League of Nations headed by Secretary General. He was appointed by the Committee with the approval of the Assembly. Secretary was responsible for the administration of the League of Nations.

Functions: -
(1)     To register complaints and collect information about the grievances.
(2)     To keep the documents of the administrative work.
(3)     To pass the information of the decision of the League to all the nations.

(4)     To look after the regular administration of the League.