Explain the contribution of Lenin in Russian Revolution.

Lenin, the Bolshevik leader, played a significant role in the growth of Russia; he contributed in the following way:
1)       Lenin firmly believed that unless the feudalism, the land slavery and the despotic Tsar rule was totally destroyed, there could not be any progress of the Russian People.
2)       He terminated capitalism in the field of business and industry.
3)       The private property was confiscated and the business and industries were nationalized.
4)       Big landholders were deprived of their land and equal distribution of land to all was done.
5)       The government sponsored and ran various industries.
6)        The workers were given accommodation, food, clothes and other facilities instead of wages in money.
7)       A communist government was formed in Russia on a war footing (war communism)

8)       Lenin announced a New Economic Policy (NEP) which consisted of both privatization and nationalization to some extent.