Write a dialogue between you and your friend regarding a popular T.V. Program.

[I (Meena) met my friend (Tina) after a long time. Herewith are the dialogues exchanged]

Meena : Hi Tina its a great pleasure to see you after so long. I was actually thinking of you the other day when I watched K.B.C.

Tina : Why? What was the matter ?

Meena : The person sitting on the hot seat was smart and had an excellent  knowledge of the questions asked just like you do.

Tina : Oh ! Those were the days when we read a lot but these days ........

Meena : But even now K.B.C has a strong influence on people and just to get into the program people have developed the habit of reading.

Tina : Yes, its true, But not all programs are as educative.

Meena : Yes, But might as well make the most of whatever we have.