Write a dialogue between Rohini and Natasha who meet after a long time. They discuss what they have been doing since they parted.

(Two friends meet after a long time)
Rohini : Where have you been all these years?
Natasha : I’m a journalist with ‘The Times’ and I was posted here.
Rohini : That sounds interesting. Since when have you been in this profession?
Natasha : It’s been five years since I took up this profession. What have you been doing all these years ?
Rohini : Well, I’m working as a lecturer in a college.
Natasha : That’s great ! Where are you staying ?
Rohini : I have bought a flat at Mulund and at present I’m staying with my parents.
Natasha : Even I have bought a flat at Thane and I am also stayingwith my parents.
Rohini : Which place do you feel more comfortable working in, Delhi or Mumbai ?
Natasha : Well, both the places have their pros and cons.
Rohini : All said and done, its really great that both of us are together once again after such a long time.
Natasha : You are absolutely right.