Write a conversation between you and bank manager regarding to open of an account in the bank.

(I am sitting in the office of The Bank Manager of SBI Bank at Dharavi as I wish to open an account with the Bank)

Bank Manager : (with a warm smile) How can I help you ?

I : Good morning sir (as I shook hand with the manager) I wish to open an account with your bank. Please guide me about the procedure for the same.

Bank Manager : Ok. that's nice the procedure is actually very simple. You just need a few documents like an address proof, 1 photo Id, Pan card and 3 photographs and just fill up the form.

I : But Sir what all benefits will I have if I open and account ?

Bank Manager : You will have an ATM cum debit card to use. We have facilities like Internet Banking and telebanking in addition to the cheque book.

I : With what amount can I start my account.

Bank Manager : The minimum balance to start an account is 1000 /- and this much of balance has to be maintained throughout.

I : Alright. I live at Mulund but my 'Uncle stays at Andheri and I frequently visit him. Then becomes a trouble to access my account.

Bank Manager : Oh. don't worry as I mentioned earlier you can use the internet banking facility or approach any other branch of SBI for cash or cheque deposit or withdrawal.

I : Oh, that's a relief. You really have customer friendly services.

Bank Manager : Yes, that's our ultimate goal anyway here is your form fill it up and attach all the documents required and your accounts will be opened within 24 hrs.

I : Thank you so much for your time I'll see you tomorrow then, good bye.

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