The following is a dialogue between me and the Postal Officer on how to send a letter by speed post.

Myself : Excuse me Sir, could you please help me ?
Postal Officer : Yes, tell me son. How can I help you?
Myself : Well , I want to send a letter by speed post.
Postal Officer : Oh, it is a very simple procedure. Where do you want to send the letter?
Myself : I want to send it to Chennai.
Postal Officer : Since you are sending only one letter it will be
less than 50 gm. the cost is Rs. 12 for local
delivery and Rs. 25 for more than 1000 km. since
Chennai is 1815 km the charge will be Rs25 only.
Myself : Now what should I do ?
Postal Officer : Take this form and fill in your name and address as well as the name and address of the receiver and hand it over to me.
Myself : (fills in the form and hands it to the Postal Officer
with the letter.) Here, Sir.
Postal Officer : (Checking it and stamping it and tearing the receipt.) Here is the receipt. Keep it in case of any complaint .
Myself : Here is the money. thank you, Sir.
Postal Officer : Thank you for the changes.