Q1. Fill in the blanks: (5 Marks)

1. The tool used for the measurement of an interior angle is the ________ tool. (Angle)
2. A computer simulation is the technique of representing the ___________ world with the help of computer program. (real)
3. The menu command used for hiding the axes is _______ (Axes)
4. ________ specification was created to make documents readable across platforms and machines.  (Unicode)
5. In 21st Century, global economy is fuelled by ______ (information)

Q2. State whether the following statements are True or False:  5 Marks

1. EDI stands for Electronic Data Intercom. (False)
2. E – commerce stands for electronic commerce. (True)
3. Internet banking can be called e – banking. (True)
4. ICT tools do not help students to manipulate diagrams dynamically. (False)
5. ICT cannot be used in evaluation process. (False)

Q3. Multiple choice questions : 6 Marks

1. _________ is important in creating knowledge societies.
a. ICT
b. Computer
c. Education
d. Software

2. Simulation creates a/an ______ model of a system.
a. artificial
b. natural
c. map
d. data

3. Transliteration is related to _______
a. phonetic
b. translation
c. compression
d. encryption

4. The Google Translate ______ makes a website available in other languages.
a. Search Element
b. Web Element
c. Engine
d. Indexing

5. In GeoGebra, the _______ tool is used to measure the area of a polygon.
a. Area
b. bisector
c. Compasses
d. Slider

Q4. Multiple choice questions : Attempt any two of the following: 4 Marks

1. One use of ICT in mathematics is to explore the effects of varying values and look for ______ and ________
a. accuracy
b. mistakes
c. invariance
d. covariance.

2. ICT can be used at both school and higher education levels for _______ and _________
a. evaluation
b. student
c. promoting idea
d. remedial teaching

3. 21st century has created a new global economy which is powered by _________ fuelled by _________ and driven by knowledge.
a. information
b. learning
c. simulation
d. technology

4. A computer model refers to the ________ and _________ used to capture the behaviour of a system being modelled.
a. algorithm
b. equations
c. program
d. summation

5. Every object in GeoGebra has _________ and ______ representation.
a. algebraic
b. text
c. geometric
d. spreadsheet

Q5. Answer in brief. (Attempt any six of the following) 12 Marks

Q6. Answer the following: (Attempt any two of the following) 8 Marks

4. Explain the transformative impact of ICT. 

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