Give detailed information about the following; Assembly, Security Council, Secretariat.

According to the constitution of UN, it has six branches out of which the following three are the most important organs:
1)       Assembly: -
a.       Assembly is the parliament of the UN with all the member nations having one voting right in it.
b.       The meeting is held once in a year. It could hold discussions on all issues affecting international peace, elects non permanent and other members of Security Council, supervises administration, etc.
c.        It is the platform for all the member nations to put their grievances; however, it can only make suggestions by majority.

2)       Security Council: -
a.       Security Council is the most important organ of UNO with 5 permanent and 10 non permanent members elected by the Assembly for two years.
b.       Any decision by Security Council has to have the support of all 5 permanent members. If it is opposed by any single permanent members also, it gets rejected. This is called Veto Power.
c.        Security Council can discuss any issues relating to international peace and punish the offender nation with the help of military force gathered from other member nations and grants permission for new membership.

3)       Secretariat: -
a.       Secretariat, under the control of Secretary General, is the backbone of the administration of UNO.
b.       The Secretariat has many departments with the staff selected from various member nations.

c.        The Secretary General arranges the meetings of Assembly, presents important issues before Security Council, controls administration and prepares annual report of the UNO.