Write about the establishment of the UNO?

1)       The Second World War brought about disastrous consequences.
2)       The League of Nations founded after the First World War, failed to ensure world peace and came to be abolished at the overwhelming (over powering) desire for peace and an organization to ensure peace.
3)       But at the same time, all the nations felt on overwhelming desire for peace and an organization to ensure peace.
4)       Therefore, as the Second World War came to an end, the movement to establish such an organization took place.
5)       In 1941, the American President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced Atlantic Charter. According to it, the establishment of an international organization was discussed among nations.
6)       In the following three years, the friend nations held meetings at Washington, Quebec, Tehran and Yalta to plan for the foundation of the organization.
7)       Finally, in April 1945, at San Francisco, 51 countries approved the plan for the organization.

8)        Accordingly on 24th October 1945, at New York, the United Nations Organization was established.