Explain the merits of decolonization.

1)       After Second World War, United Nations Organization was established to control the war like situations.
2)       The United Nations Organizations (UNO) served as an important platform to oppose colonialism.
3)       The newly freed countries in Asia and Africa opposed colonialism.
4)       In 1955, at the Bandung conference, the representatives of 25 Afro-Asian countries raised their voice against colonialism.
5)       In 1961, UNO established a special committee for decolonization.
6)       Thereafter UNO's General body finely opposed colonialism and declared depossession /withdrawal from the colonies.
7)       India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar (Bangladesh) became free.
8)       Indonesia and China had to fight for a long time.
9)       The Chinese people fought with France and later with America under the leadership of HO-CHI-MINH, after which Vietnam came into existence.

10)   Indonesia had to fight against the Dutch under the leadership of Dr. Sukarno to become free.