What were the contribution of extremists and moderates in India's freedom movement?

The national movement is divided into two phases:
1)       The Moderate Period (1885-1950): -
a.       In this period, Indians placed their demands through applications and obliges, the moderate leaders did not oppose British power.
b.       They believed in Britishers reasoning and were of the view that Indians would finally get their demands.
c.        They could also attract the attention of the British government on Indian's exploitation. Justice was given to social, economic and political issues.
d.       They created awareness and national movement among Indians

2)       The Extremist Period (1905-1920): -
a.       The extremist thoughts were different from the moderate leaders.
b.       Extremists did not believe the righteous of British officers.
c.        They put officers' demands aggressively and opposed the Britishers' policy of injustice.

d.       The extremist leaders had Bal and Pal proposed four principles Swarajya, Swadeshi, Boycott of foreign goods and National education to make the Indian aware.