Write the effects of the First World War.

The First World War which continued for four and half years had disastrous consequences.
1)       The war brought about tremendous destruction of life and property.
2)       Millions of soldiers were killed and crores were injured while innumerable civilians lost their lives.
3)       The global economy went on a decline while trade and commerce came to a standstill. This resulted in a complete economic breakdown.
4)       The economic loss due to the use of destructive weapons was enormous as a huge amount of civilian property came to be destroyed.
5)       The collapse of European industries further deteriorated the economy.
6)       Except USA and Japan, all other states, whether victorious or defeated became bankrupt. As a result USA emerged as the new super power of the world.
7)       The map of Europe, Asia and Africa came to be reorganized as the territories and empire of defeated nations were divided into new countries viz. Poland, Finland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, etc
8)       The monarchical rule in Russia, Germany and Austria came to an end.
9)       The family system, traditional values and ethics were restructured after the war.
10)   League of Nations was established as the peace keeping body according to the 14 Point Programme of Woodrow Wilson.

11)   The unjust terms of the treaties which were imposed on the defeated nations motivated the feeling of revenge and retaliation which ultimately sowed the seeds of Second World War.