Explain the Causes of Cold War.

The causes of cold war were as follows:
1)       Supremacy between America and Russia-super powers: -
a.       There was no other power remained that would influence the international politics than America and Russia after the Second World War.
b.       In this world war, England, France, Germany, Italy suffered heavy losses.
c.        Japan was destroyed due to the dropping of atom bomb by United State of America.
2)       Communism in Russia: -
a.       The beginning of the cold war started from the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1917.
b.       The Bolshevik revolution gave birth to communist rule of Karl Marx.
c.        The ideologies of communism and capitalism were quite opposite to each other.
d.       America and the Western European countries felt that Russian communism was the greatest hindrance (barrier) to the capitalist economy. Therefore the enmity grew between the two super powers.
3)       Difference in philosophical thinking: -
a.       After industrial revolution in Europe, industry oriented culture came into existence. Capitalist and the workers were the important factors of economy.
b.       While creating physical wealth the working class was exploited on a large scale.
c.        In reaction to capitalism, Karl Marx brought the philosophy of communism which was totally opposite to capitalism.
d.       America and the Western powers were of the opinion of free economy and therefore they opposed communism which caused the spread of cold war.
4)       Russia disobeyed the Yalta and Balkan treaty: -
a.       The Yalta treaty signed between Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill in February 1945 accepted open election in Poland.
b.       Stalin broke the treaty and got power over Poland.
c.        Stalin accepted the Balkan treaty with Churchill in October 1944 and agreed that England would empower the Balkan as Russia.
d.       Stalin neglected the treaty later and crated worker's dictatorship in Romania, Greece, Hungary and Yugoslavia the Balkan states.
e.        Due to this the western powers were upset.
5)       Poisonous canvassing of media: -
a.       The capitalist and communist countries started poisonous canvassing against each other through newspapers, radio, and television.
b.       Stalin decided to spread communism all over the world, whereas Truman and Churchill decided to uproot communism.
6)       Weapon competition :-
a.       America deliberately kept Russia in dark about its readiness in nuclear weapons.
b.       Russia also performed nuclear test and showed that it was also well prepared in nuclear arms.
c.        Cold war became severe because of their competition in weapons.