Explain the effects of Cold War.

After the Second World War, the cold war among America, Russia and its alliance greatly affected the international issues. The effects of cold war were s follows:
1)       The World divided into two groups:
a)       Cold war is a war between communism against capitalism and democracy.
b)       The power game between America and Russia started as America was leading capitalism, democracy and Russia was leading Communism.
c)       To oppose each other America signed the NATO and SEATO treaty whereas Russia signed the Warsaw treaty.
d)       Many countries participated either in one group or the other.
2)       Growth in weapons' competition: -
a)       Intense competition started between the super powers to manufacture deadly weapons.
b)       Both the countries i.e. America and Russia tried to make their supporting countries stronger in different sections of defense forces such as army, navy and air force.
c)       Modern missiles, fighting aeroplanes, nuclear weapons, submarines were manufactured.
3)       An inspiration to nuclear weapons: -
a)       America proved its strength in nuclear weapons by dropping atom bombs on the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
b)       Russia proved its capacity by performing the nuclear test.
c)       The world was on the threshold of destruction.
4)       Discredit of UNO: -
a)       UNO got success in creating peace and protection to some extent.
b)       The idea of one world failed due to the competition of power and nuclear weapons.
c)       The Suraksha Samiti did not help to solve the problems faced by UNO because of the veto power of big nations.
5)       Human welfare neglected: -
a)       Fear and terror was created by cold war in the world.
b)       Lot of money was spent on the manufacture of weapons and its research.
c)       Daily commodities were neglected which resulted in their scarcity.
d)       It affected the life of people very badly.
6)       The Growth of Non-alliance movement: -
a.        Many countries had unwillingly participated in the group of super powers because of political and economical pressure.
b.       India, Egypt and Yugoslavia did not mix in any group of super powers.

c.        These prime countries started Non-alliance movement which became very stronger day by day.