Dispute for establishing supremacy started between America and Russia explain.

1)       After the Second World War, America and Russia as two super powers came into existence.
2)       America emerged with stronger economy being the only big supplier of goods during the war.
3)       Russia suffered economic losses, but her military might and economy remained stronger.
4)       America and Russia started to show their supremacy by following capitalism and communism as economic ideologies respectively and the power game started.
5)       America created NATO and SEATO treaty to oppose Russian communism, whereas Russia created the Warsaw treaty to oppose American capitalism.
6)       To show their military might both America and Russia started manufacturing deadly weapons. They tried to make their supporting countries strong in different sections of defense forces like army, navy and air force.
7)       America proved its strength by dropping atom bomb on Japanese Cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
8)       Russia also proved its capacity by performing the nuclear test.

Thus, America and Russia started to supersede each other.