Explain the physical, economical and cultural features of Assam Valley.

1. The Assam Valley is a well-demarcated physical unit of the North Indian Plains. It includes most of Assam.
2. It is formed by the Brahmaputra. And its tributaries. Its level ranges from 130 m in the east to 30 m in the west. The deposition of alluvium by these rivers in the valley is about 1500m thick.
3. The Assam Valley is 1000 Km long and 80-100 Km wide. The Brahmaputra is the lifeline of Assam.
4. Assam is endowed with petroleum, natural gas, coal, limestone and feldspar.
5. Agriculture: The soil, topography and climate of the Upper Assam are most suitable for tea plantations. Assam is the leading producer of tea in India. Its high quality tea is exported to Europe and USA.
6. The population of Assam was 3.12 crore in 2011. 45 languages are spoken in Assam. Assamese and Bengali are the major languages.
7. Bihu is the most important common festival celebrated all over Assam. Durga Puja is also a popular festival. Folk songs and music related to the festivals are very popular.