A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Life presents us with many beautiful things. This may be a beautiful scene or a flower or a lonely night walk on a beach that fill us with peace or a beautiful picture. We should store these pretty memories in our minds. When we are not feeling so good, or are lonely or depressed we should remember the beautiful sights that we have seen or experienced. This will make us happy.
William Wordsworth has put forward this point in his beautiful poem ‘ Daffodils ‘. Once he saw a sight of beautiful golden daffodils. This sight remained with him throughout his life. In the later years, Whenever he was in vacant or in pensive mood, he recollected the scene of the daffodils and this gave him great solitude and filled his heart with pleasure.
Life is full of simple, beautiful things. It is for us to make good use of them to our advantage. We don’t have to spend money on luxurious holidays and expensive pastimes in order to bring happiness to ourselves. We can do so with simple memories that we have collected during the good times of our lives, when we have experienced beautiful things. Because such experience will never be erased fro our memories.