Strike when the iron is hot (OR) (make hay while the sun shine)

When life presents opportunities you must seize them and not let them go. Everyone in their lifetime gets some chances to move forward. They must avail of them and make use of them. These are god-sent occasions when someone is helping us to move forward in life. Something or the other or some person makes it easy for us to get along in life. That is what the proverb means. We must strike when the iron is hot. In other words, we must make hay while the sun is shining. In any sport, the winner is the one who looks for opportunities to overcome his opponents by taking advantage of his weakness.
It is also true that once we miss that opportunity it will never come our way again. And then we will live all our life to regret the missed chance. We must also put in our efforts. But never lose out on that chance that comes our way. At right moment when opportunity presents itself we must seize it and see to it that we use it to help us to go even further in life. Then only can we be successful.

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