A rolling stone gather no moss.

It is not good to keep on changing one’s place of residence or workplace or routine. Such a habit causes a lot of insecurity and instability. You are not able to acquire steady thoughts or the confidence in order to carry your day to day schedule. When one stays in one place for a long time, one gets familiarized with one’s surroundings and is able to go about one’s work with the correctness that is required for the job. Also people around know and recognize you and so you get help required when necessary.

A person who keeps on changing his regular schedule frequently is known as a rolling stone. He cannot cultivate any true friendship or relationships. frequent change of jobs and homes affects one’s financial prospects negatively. He or she will not get people to help him or her when he or she is in trouble, because no one will know him or her well enough.

Hence it is better to stay in one place and reap the benefits that the environment has to offer one. This is preferable to changing one’s location or job every now and then.