Unity is Strength

Unity is Strength

Everyone knows the story of the bundle of sticks that could not be broken easily, but the single stick that could be broken easily. That is what is meant by ‘unity is strength’. 

Five fingers make a hand. A hand makes a handshake. A handshake extends warmth and friendship and reaches out to the world. India is a land of diverse people, cultures, religions, languages and geography. Yet, as long as we are united, we are strong and no one can do us any harm. The moment we show any sign of division, we will be vulnerable and enemies will try to make advantage of the situation. 

A team in which the individual members play for their own good cannot win a match. As long as each player plays for the good of the team, it can win. Anything that we do should be done for the general good, not for individual glory. Then only can victory be achieved.

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