Manners Maketh Man

Manners Maketh Man

A man is judged by his outward behaviour and attitude. If he appears pleasing to others, people say he has good manners. This would include the way he dresses, the politeness of his tone and the social courtesies that he keeps up. For example, if he is respectful to his elders and to women, he will be well liked by society. 

If he is arrogant and proud, no one will like him. Other people will tend to avoid him whenever they can. He will be an unwelcome guest in any company. Indeed, your manners decide how people will react to you. Very often your manners will also determine what opportunities you will be given in life to go ahead and progress. Bad-mannered people will never be helped by anyone willingly. They will always be treated with disdain. 

Good manners come from having respect for others and an awareness of our limitations. If we value the other person’s need for self - respect, we will, in return, be respected. We should treat others as we would expect to be treated. This is the essence of good manners.

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