Important Question Bank of History for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2020. PDF Download.

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After the tremendous success of our past years Important Questions Bank for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2016 , 2017, 2018 and 2019 we have also created a list of the Most Important Questions Bank for Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2020 which are likely to appear in HSC Board Exams this year.

History Important Question Bank 2020 Download PDF

1.    “Raigadala Jehva Jaa yete’ was written by whom?
2.    Briefly explain UNO before its foundation.
3.    Define Biography. What are the types of biography?
4.    Define tourism. What are the features of tourism?
5.    Explain briefly Cold war. What were the reasons for cold war?
6.    Explain briefly mythological drama.
7.    Explain briefly the meaning and features of Sculptures.
8.    Explain briefly various sources of medieval Indian history.
9.    Explain Economic Imperialism.
10.  Give reason Decolonization started late in the Africa.
11.  Hi, we’re trying to collate and gather the data and would be updating it here a few days before the exam. 
12.  Hitler acquired the power in Germany. Explain this statement.
13.  Shaniwarwada was built by whom?
14.  Short note on compilation of memories.
15.  The place where the coins are manufactured called as?
16.  What are periodicals? What are the function and nature of periodicals?
17.  What are the different works at the theatre?
18.  What are the job opportunities in museum?
19.  What are the personalities required as a teacher?
20.  What are the skills required to be a tourist guide? Explain briefly.
21.  What is Akashvani? What are the works performed by Akashvani?
22.  What is applied history?
23.  What is archeology? What are the methods of archeology?
24. What is contemporary history? What are the features of contemporary history?
25. What is Encyclopedia called in Marathi? What are the causes of it?
26. What is Epigraphy?
27. What is globalization? What are the pros and cons of globalization?
28. What is historical research? What is the objective of historical research?
29. What is Jorwe culture? Explain briefly.
30. What is National education policy?
31. What is philosophy of Karl Mars?
32. What is State Service examination? What are the needs of it?
33. What is storytelling? What are the characteristic of storytelling?
34. What is the difference between present and past history?
35. What is the importance of museum in history?
36. What was the objective of League of nation?
37. Where was the first FM started?
38. Why Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj did build so many forts? What are the causes of it?
39. Why China remain undivided?
40. Why is printing press useful?
41. Why is television considered as most effective medium of mass media? Explain briefly with its causes.
42. Why is the preservation of historical monument important?
43. Write a short note on imperialism. What are the reasons of imperialism?
44. Write briefly about Encyclopedia. What are the importance and nature of Encyclopedia?
45. Write the application of electronic media.
46. Write the information of Interview.

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