Tamil Nadu: 9th English Paper 1 Quarterly Exam Question Paper 2019.

9th English Paper 1 Quarterly Exam Question Paper 2019. 
Important Paper for Reference. Mostly Expected Questions. 

Time: 15 min + 2.30 Hrs.
Maximum Marks : 100. 

Part I           15 × 1 = 15

Answer all the questions. 15x1=15

Choose the most suitable answer and write the code with corresponding answer. 

Choose the appropriate synonyms for the italicised words. 

1. We tried to emulatewhat we had seen in the morning. 
a) imitate.  b) postulate.  c) create. d) narrate. 

2. She felt dizzyfrom breathing off the top of her lungs 
a) steady        b) smart c) shaky     d) aware. 

3. Just thinking about the accident makes me shudder.
a) confirm      b) shivered c) steady   d) smart 

4. He would talk to me about the nuancesof batting.  
a) importance b) advice  c) practice d) changes 

5. Water in the dam rose to alarming heights due to the cloudburst
a) rain        b) storm c) heat        d) rain storm 

Choose the appropriate antonyms for the italicised words. 

6.  I can’t concentrateon my work. 
a) reject        b) ignore c) scorn        d) distract 

7. I hope you have a most happy and prosperousNew Year. 
a) rich         b) successful   c) hopeless d) flourishing 

8. He had attempted to rescuethe drowning man. 
a) save     b) danger     c) ransom d) exploit 

9. The schedule was rigorous.  
a) brutal        b) easy c) correct       d) harsh 

10. She was insanewith jealousy.      
a) mad          b) wise c) crazy         d) great 

11. Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct options. 
a) This is not a right ---------  (route, root) 

12. Attach a suitable prefix to the word---------- ‘sure’ 
a) un---         b) mis---- c) en---         d) pre--- 

13. Attach a suitable suffix to the word---------- ‘happy’ 
a) ----ness      b) ----ful c) ---ity                d) ---ist 

14. Choose the suitable prepositional verb for the following. 
I ---------- everything you’ve said. 
a) agree to      b) agree with c) agree on      d) agree for 

15. Complete the following sentences using appropriate prepositional phrases. 
I would like to order coffee-------------tea.
a) instead of          b) instead from   c) instead to 

Part II          12 × 2 = 24

Answer any twelve of the following:
* Question No.32  is compulsory. 
Section A
Answer any four of the following questions in a sentence or two. 8 

16. What is the intense ‘fifteen minutes’ mentioned? 
17. What did help Sachin to build his physical and mental stamina? 
18. Who is founder of the Junior Red Cross? 
19. Why did Amy ask Betty to fill in the water tubs ? 
20. How did Jim want the girls to ‘get organised’? 

Section B

Answer any four of the following questions in a sentence or two. 8

Read the following lines and answer the questions given below.

21.  He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow
a) who does ‘he’ refer to?
b) Identify the season with these lines?

22. And I sunned it with smiles
When the night had veiled the pole
a) Who stole into the garden?
b) Why did he enter the garden?

23. The root is to be pulled out –
One of the anchoring earth;
a) Why should the root be polled out? 
b) What does ‘anchoring earth’ mean?

24. And out of its leprous hide
Sprouting leaves.
a) What does the phrase ‘leprous hide ‘mean’?

25. In the morning glad I see
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.
a) How did the poet feel in the morning?
b) Why was the ‘foe’ found lying outstretched beneath the tree
Section – c
Answer any four of the following. 8 

26. Frame sentence using the prepositional verb given below. 
a) ask for   (or) b) consist of 

27. Compare the pictures using the adjectives and form two sentences of degrees of comparison. 

28. Write the gerund/infinitive form of the verbs in the blank.
We really look forward-------(meet) alien creatures and-----(find) out what they are really like. 

29. Identify the clauses and classify them accordingly. 
She was happy because her father gave her a watch. 

30. . Use the words given below in your own sentences so as to get different meanings. (Homonyms)  
a) bank   b) watch 

31. Identify the phrase or clause in these sentences. 
I.  The pink house is for sale. 
II. Texting on his phone, the man swerved into  a ditch. 
III. I enjoy painting during holidays.

32. Punctuate the following. 
Ill never see her again she thought

Part III      9X5=45

Answer any nine of the following questions.

Section  A
33. a) ‘Achrekar was a sincere coach’ Substantiate    (or) 
b) How did Jim prove himself as a good rescuer in the fold situation? 
34.  a) Describe the journey of life as depicted in the poem by Henry Van Dyke.  (or) 
b) What qualities have made women powerful? 
35. Read the following poetic lines and answer the questions given below. 
a) I was angry with my friend; 
I told my wrath, my wrath did end. 
I was angry with my foe 
I told it not, my wrath did grow. 
i. Pick out the rhyming words. 
ii. What is the rhyme scheme of the stanza?                   

b)  And I watered it in fears 
 Night and morning with my tears; 
What figure of speech is used in ‘watered it in fears’?. 

c) The bleeding bark will heal. 
Find out the alliterated words in the line. 

d) He gives his harness bells a shakes. 
Name the figure speech in this line. 

36. Paraphrase the following stanza. 
The woods are lovely, dark and deep. 
But I have promises to keep, 
And miles to go before I sleep, 
And miles to go before I sleep. 

37. Transform in to other degrees.

Positive Degree
Comparative Degree
Superlative Degree
No other girl in the class is as beautiful as Keerthi. 
Seema is cleverer than most other girls in the class
Very few boys in the institution are as young as Amin. 
Amin is one of the youngest boys in the Instituion. 

38. Rearrange the words in the correct order to make meaningful sentence. 
a)  in the / I was / New English / studying / school 
b)  some time / they / were / for / silent 
c) had / the house / sold / the visitor. 
d) school / hated / always / margie 
e) her right / the knee / she has / just below / broken  / leg 

39. Some action words are given in bold. Identify whether they are either finite or non-finite verb.
 i. They want to try a new approach 
ii. Walking is a healthy habit. 
Iii To swim is a good exercise. 
iv. She made me do my project. 
v. They do not appreciate my singing. 

40. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.
People throng the premises (a) ______catch a glimpse (b)________their village deity (c)------------- a magnificently decorated chariot, and pay their respects. There is a big crowd (d)_____ the food stalls. They(e) -------nearby villages and towns display their wares attractively. 

41. Identify the function of infinitive as a subject, direct object, subject complement, adjective, or adverb in a sentence.
i. To wait seemed foolish when decisive action was required.       
ii  Everyone wanted to go. 
iii. His ambition is to fly. 
iv. He lacked the strength to resist. 
v. We must study to learn. 

42. a) Read the following passage and answer the questions given below. 

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is an indispensable part of our lives now worldwide! John Shepherd Barron once explained that he came up with the idea of cash dispensers in 1965 while lying in his bath after finding his bank closed. It was then his habit to withdraw money on a Saturday, but on this particular weekend he had arrived one minute late and found the bank doors locked against him. Barclays commissioned Shepherd-Barron to build six dispensers, the first of which was installed at a branch in the north London suburb of Enfield on June 27, 1967. The first person to withdraw cash was actor Reg Varney a celebrity resident of Enfield known for his part in a number of popular television series. Shepherd-Barron invented the PIN by recalling his Indian Army number, he had originally intended to make Personal Identification Number (PIN) six digit long, but reduced the number to four when his wife, Caroline, complained that six was too many. 
1. What made John Shepherd-Barron to come up with the idea of ATM? 
2. When and where was the first ATM installed? 
3. Who was the first person to withdraw cash from the ATM? 
4. Why did Shepherd-Barron reduce the PIN number from dix digits to four?
b) Read the following poem and answer the questions given below. 
There is no point in work
unless it absorbs you
like an absorbing game

 If  doesn’t absorb you
 if it’s never any fun
 don’t do it.

When a man goes out into his work
 he is alive like a tree in spring
he is living, not merely working.
-D.H. Lawrence.

i) In what type of work there is ‘point’? 
ii) How should work absorb you?  
iii) When should a person not do work? 
iv) When a man goes out into his work, what is his states? 

43. Quote from memory. 
a) i)   From : Whose woods-------------------------- 
To :------------------with snow. 
ii)  From : The root is------------------------- 
To : ------------------snapped out 


b)  i) From :  It takes----------------- 
To : -------------------------the earth. 

ii) From :  He gives---------------------