Maximum Marks: 100  Time Allowed: 2.30 Hours 

Part- I

Answer all the questions (17x1=17) 

Section - A
Choose the most suitable answer from the given four alternatives and write the option code and the corresponding answer

1. In the old, old days there lived an---------- man with his wife. 
a) clever    b) cunning c) honest   d) rich 

2. The dog appeared to him again in a ---------- 
a) house    b) dream   c) street    d) room 

3. The good old man fed the dog with fish and ---------from his own kitchen. 
a) tit-bits    b) vegetables   c) pickle   d) fruits 

4. The dog asked the old man to make the pine tree ;into a----------. 
a) motor    b) bike     c) axe     d) mortal 

5. Tommy find a real book in the------------. 
a) shelf     b) cupboard c) attic     d) almirah 

6. Margie was--------- years old. 
a) eleven  b) thirteen c) ten  d) twelve 

7. The ---------------sector in the mechanical teacher was geared little too fast. 
a) mathematics  b) history  c) geography  d) civics 

8. The name of the narrator was----------------
a) Birj     b) Babu c) Govind d) Arun 

9. Bhuli had been buried under the debris for ----------hours. 
a) 116     b)118      c) 120     d) 119 

10. Tommy found a book in----------- 
a) 2157    b) 2152    c) 2150    d) 2156 

Section - B
Read the given lines carefully and identify the character / speaker: 
11. “Greetings traveller. You looked tired and cold” 
 a) Brij      b) uncle    c) army officer d) Bhuli 

12. “Whom are you looking for”                           
a) uncle    b) army officer c) Brij     d) Bhuli 

13.” I started this tea shop two years ago” 
a) Bhuli    b) Brij     c) uncle    d) army officer 

14. They seized the dog and killed him. 
a) The honest couple b) The wicked old couple c) The king d) The prince 

15. His retainers seized the old man and beat him. 
a) The honest couple b) The prince c) the king d) The wicked old couple. 

16. She was given test after test. 
a) Tommy b) Margie c) Margie’s mother d) Mechanic teacher 

17. “They had a special building.” 
a) Tommy b) Margie c) Students d) Mechanic teacher 

Part- II
* Question Number 26 is compulsory 
Section - A
Answer any four of the following in one or two sentences. (4x2=8)

15. Mention any two features to make an advertisement attractive. 
16. Write any two points to be kept in mind while drafting a speech. 
17. What is a slogan? 
18. Name the two broadly classified types of letters. 
19. What is the purpose of a notice? 
Section - B
Answer the following question. (20 marks) 
20. Write two slogans for creating awareness on planting trees. (2)

21. Match the following expressions with their appropriate functions. (4) 
22. Expand the following news headlines. (2) 
i) India enters the semi-finals with a thumping win. 
ii) New satellite to the moon to be launched soon. 

23. Complete the proverbs with the given options. 
(one, two, nine) 
i) A stitch in time saves ________. 
ii) _______ flower makes no garland. 

24. Complete the dialogue with FOUR more exchanges. (4) 
Teacher:Why are you late today? 
Student :I went to hospital with my mother. 

25. Read the pie-chart carefully and write any two inferences on transportation preferred by students. (2)

26. A stranger wants to visit the library. Help the stranger to reach his/her destination with the help of the given road-map and write down the steps. (4) 

Part- III (10x5=50)
* Question Number 39 is compulsory. 
Section - A 
Answer any three of the following. (3 x5=15) 

27. Rearrange the following sentences in coherent order. 
i. Margie was disappointed. 
ii. The inspector said, “I’ve slowed it up to an average ten year level” 
iii. The inspector had smiled after he was finished and patted Margie’s head. 
iv. Margie had been doing worse and worse in geography. 
v. The mechanical teacher had been giving her test after test. 

28. Complete the following passage with suitable phrases from the 
Before that I worked ---(i)-----outside Panipat. The heat, the crowd, the pollution – it was ----(ii)---I had saved ----(iii)-----earnings. I ---(iv)---and with a little help I started this shop. ------------(v)-----it provides me a decent enough livelihood. 

i. all too much. 
ii. came back   
iii. By the grace of God, 
iv. most of my
v.in a roadside shop 

29. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. 

i. How was the country Inspector? 
ii. What did he give to Margie? 
iii. What had Margie hoped? 
iv. Why did Margie hate most? 
v. How did Margie learn?

30. Complete the following mind map.
Section - B
Answer any six of the following (6x5=30) 

31. Prepare an attractive advertisement using the hints given below. 
Mobile Galaxy – Smart Phones – Accessories – Sim Card – Recharge – Free Power banks on Mobile Purchase – No. 1, Opposite to New Bus Stop, Trichy. 

32. Write a script for Bommalattam on ‘Child Labour’. 

33. Draft a speech to welcome the chief guest on the Independence Day celebration. 

34. The Adventure Club of your school is organizing an expedition to Kolli hills. Design an attractive poster for the same, giving relevant details. 

35. Make notes of the following passage.

36. Write a summary of the following passage.

37. You are a volunteer in your locality to serve people who are affected by floods.

How will you caution them to move to a safer place taking only their bare necessities? Write an article to The Hindu, in about 100 words expressing your concern about it. 

38. Describe the process of preparing your favourite dish. 

39. Look at the following picture and express your views on it in about five sentences. 
Part - IV (2 x 5 = 10)
Answer the following questions. 

40. Develop the hint and write the summary of the Story: 
a) keeping surrounding clean – learn this habit at a young age – good for society – don’t litter the streets – road side – with garbage, rubbish – advise friends – neighbours – clean society – clean habits – good health. 
b) Books – books have great value – made good companions – elevates our character – many varieties – select good books – don’t judge the book by its wrapper – scan and select – take the best out of a book. 

41. a. Write a letter to your friend about your experiences during the recent ‘Gaja’ cyclone. 

b. Write a letter to your friend, describing the joy of celebrating festivals in a village, with the inputs given above.