Heredity and Evolution Fill in the blanks Non Textual, SSC 10th Standard, Maharashtra Board,

Heredity and Evolution

Fill in the blanks Non Textual, 

SSC 10th Standard, Maharashtra Board, 

1. Complete the following statements. [1 Mark Each]

1. Francois Jacob and Jacques Monod proposed a model for the process of ________ synthesis. 

Ans. Protein

2. Information about protein synthesis is stored in the ____________. 

Ans. DNA. 

3. mRNA is formed in the _______________ and transferred to the cytoplasm for translation. 

Ans. nucleus.

4. __________ was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1968, for his contribution in the discovery of the triplet codons for 20 amino acids. 

Ans. Dr. Har Gobind Kohrana

5. tRNA has anticodon with complementary sequence to the codono on _________

Ans. mRNA. 

6. Coccyx in man is an example of ________ organ. 

Ans. vestigial.

7. Carbon dating method is based upon the radioactive decay of naturally occuring _________. 

Ans. C - 14. 

8. Fossils of invertebrates indicate they originated in the _________ era. 

Ans. Paleozoic.

9. Based on his observations of plants and animals, Darwin suggested that only the _________ organisms survive. 

Ans. fittest. 

10. ___________ proposed that activities of an organism are responsible for their evolution. 

Ans. Lamarck.

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