Formal Letter : Social Media: A devil in disguise. [Disguise = Costume]

Formal Letter :
Imagine that you are Raju. Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper requesting him/her to spread awareness among the readers about the harmful effect of social media addiction with the help of the points given in the below snippet. You may add your own points to support your subject.

Social Media: A devil in disguise. [Disguise = Costume]
Social Media sites are very popular among teenagers. They spend majority of their free time on these sites, socialising with their friends. Teenagers are becoming addicted to these sites. Teenagers need to be guided to use technology wisely.

7G, Sonia Apartment, 
Rainbow Colony, 
Mumbai - 400017.
23rd July, 2019.

The Editor, 
The Times of India, 
Mumbai - 400001.
Subject: Request to spread awareness about social media addiction
Respected Sir,
I read the story about the teen who fell to death from a high rise trying to get a selfie for snapchat. It was indeed a sad and shocking incident. It highlights the ill consequences of the addiction of the present-day youth to social media.
People are always online on these sites and greatly active. While all these sites are amazing platforms to share your lives with people and discover people worldwide, too much of anything is harmful. They could explore their potential if they did not waste it on fruitless time spent on these sites or apps. People should decide on a time slot for logging on to these sites and shouldn't open it at any other time. We all fall prey to 'just one more video' greed. But self-control is the key. These sites are highly addictive and if not checked they could have drastic consequences. People go to great lengths to 'look' cool and show that they lead such happening lives. We need to understand that such falseness only leads to negativity in the longer run.
I request you to use your esteemed newspaper to highlight this issue. I request the readers to be wiser and more careful while using social media.
Yours truly,