Dialogue writing: (Ajay and Amar, both Class X students in conversation.)

Dialogue writing:
Two friends Ajay and Amar meet after a long time at a park. Write a dialogue between them discussing about increasing stress levels among students.
You may use the following points:
• entire week - hectic
• little or no time to relax
• feeling of fatigue
• busy with school, tuition, home-work projects
• stiff competition

Ajay: Hi Amar, how are you?
Amar: I am fine. So good to meet you here.
Ajay: Well, I haven't completed my project yet. So I thought I would get some picture post cards at this shop.
Amar: All seven days of the week are hectic. I don't remember when I relaxed last.
Ajay: It is so stressful to attend school, complete the homework, go for tuitions for all the subjects, complete the homework given there too and now these regular projects.
Amar: I am losing interest in most of the subjects as I don't feel physically fit to cope up with everything.
Ajay: The other day I went to the doctor as I keep getting a daily headache which didn't allow me to study at all. The doctor asked me to relax.
Amar: Does he know what we are going through!
Ajay: My parents feel sorry for me at times, but they can't help it. Everyone is going through the grind. There is stiff competition all around.
Ajay: You are correct. There is no time to feel sorry for ourselves, too. Anyway, go and buy these pictures before the shop closes.

Amar: O.K. bye. Take care.