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Expand the given ideas in about 80 – 100 words. 

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Dishonesty never pays in the long run.

Refer and do your homework. 


Q5. (A) Letter writing (Formal or Informal) = 05 Marks
(B)       Dialogue Writing Or Interview Questions =  05 Marks

Q. 6.(A) Information Transfer (Non – verbal to Verbal or Verbal to Non – Verbal) = 05 Marks. 

(B) View / Counterview or Speech Writing = 05 Marks

Q. 7.(A) News / Report Writing = 05 Marks 
OR  (A) Expansion of Theme

(B) Story Writing = 05 Marks. 

Letter Writing
A letter is a form of communication between two people. Letter writing is an art that is known to almost everyone. 

Types of letters
1.     Informal Letters written to family, friends and acquaintances. 
2.     Formal letters written to officials, for business purposes, job applications, etc. 

A letter is made up of various parts as shown in the table below: 

Parts of a letter

Address of the sender
It is given at the top left-hand side corner of the page. 
It is written below the address of the sender.
Designation and address of the addressee (Only in formal letters)
In a formal letter, the designation and address of the addressee comes after the address of the sender. It is also written on the left-hand side. 
The formal Letters consists of a subject. A job application consists of reference and subject. 
The subject in a Formal Letter contains a short description or the point of discussion of the body of the letter and any reference no. wherever applicable. 
It is a greeting from the sender to the addressee. ‘Respected’ is used for elders and in formal letters. ‘Dear’ is used for siblings and friends. 
Body of the letter
The body of the letter is divided into paragraphs according to the change in ideas or subject matter. 
The Complementary close/ Subscription
In the end, leave is taken by the sender from the addressee in a courteous manner. 

Informal letters- Yours lovingly, Yours sincerely, Yours affectionately, etc. are used. 

Formal Letters: Yours faithfully, Yours obediently, etc are used. 
Sender’s Name
Below the complementary close, the sender must give his / her full name. 
It mentions any additional documents that are sent along with the letter. 

Formal Letters: 

Write an application letter for the post of teacher.

201G, Sonia Apartments, 
Apple colony, 
M.G. Road, 
Mumbai - 400 016.
13th February, 2013                             

The Principal,
The General High School,
Dadar (W),
Mumbai – 400 021.

Reference  :   Your advertisement in “The Times of India” dated 13th, 
February, 2013.
 Subject :           Application letter for the post of Teacher.

Respected sir,
With reference to your advertisement for the post of Teacher in “The Times of India” dated 13th, February, 2013. I wish to apply for the same.
I am a very energetic person with excellent communication skill and ready to face any target set by your esteemed School. I am willing to work hard and being young I am also eager to add knowledge with experience. I hold a B.A. degree from “University of Mumbai” and I have done B.Ed. from “Indira Gandhi Open University”, New Delhi. I have also done computer courses like Basic, Tally – 9 as well as programming languages like C, C++ from NIIT, Matunga. I have 2 years experience as a English Teacher in Local School, Mahim.
My resume is sent here with, for your reference. I shall be much thankful to you, If you grant me an interview call at your convenient time. I am looking forward to join your esteemed School as early as possible.
Thanking You,                                                                                                                  

Yours Faithfully,
Encl: - Resume and Xerox copy of educational certificates.
Write a letter to a yoga expert inviting him / her to inaugurate the ‘yoga club’ at your school. 

New Modern High School, 
M.G. Road, 
Mumbai – 400017
20thSeptember, 2018

Mr. Vijay, 
Yoga club, 
Mahim (East)
Mumbai – 400016

            Subject: Invitation to Inaugurate the Yoga Club.

Respected Sir, 
Your expertise as a yoga master is known to all of us. You are an icon for today’s generation. The way you have spread awareness about the necessity of yoga towards leading a healthy and fit life is indeed admirable. Therefore, on behalf of our school, I would like to extend an invitation to you to inaugurate the yoga club at our school. 

            Your presence would be inspiring for all of us and your valuable advice on the great science of Yoga would be a source of motivation. We are aware that you may be busy, but we sincerely request you to take our invitation under consideration. The inauguration is scheduled at 10.00 a.m. on 2ndNovember, 2018 in the recreation hall of our school. Kindly let the bearer of this letter know your response. 
            I truly hope that you grace the inauguration ceremony with your presence. 

Thanking you, 

Yours sincerely, 

Write a complaint letter regarding irregular electric supply in your locality / village.

8F, Heaven colony, 
M.G. Road, 
Mumbai - 400017.
13th February, 2013.

The Electric Department officer,
Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai,
Electricity and Water  Department,
Dadar, Mumbai. .

                        Subject: Complaint letter regarding irregular electricity supply.

Respected Sir,
We are totally five hundred families residing in our locality. We are facing a severe problem of growing instances of power failure for the last three months in our locality.
In our locality there are many students who are preparing for their upcoming Board Exams as well as for other final examinations. But, this irregularity in electric supply is causing obstacles in their preparation. Sir, you also know, this year the summer is extremely hot so the old people facing it very difficult to tackle the problem.  The problems of current supply also lead to some other illegal activities in our locality.
We have already given many complaints to our local authority. They are always giving us empty promises and doing nothing. So kindly am requesting you to look into this matter personally. If you do the needful then I shall be very much thankful to you.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully, 

Informal Letters

Letter to your friend explaining him about the importance of Joint family system.

9H, Sonia Apartments, 
Heaven colony, 
M.G. Road, 
Mumbai - 400 016.
13th February, 2019                                      

Dear friend,
                       I received your letter confirming your decision to spend this vacation with us. We were all eagerly waiting to see you. However, you have mentioned in your letter about our Joint Family system and its disadvantages like no privacy, lots of work every day, need to get permission for outing, need to adjust with everyone to avoid problems.

But, friend in every system there are some advantages and disadvantages. You have seen only the disadvantage of joint family system. Let me explain its wonderful advantages. You have persons to look after you. Works can be shared. Expenses can be shared. Guidance will be there. Helping hands are always there in your sorrow. Your happiness will be doubled when it shared with them. Caring will be there. Relationship will be improved. Responsibility will be there.   Remember this, the beauty about the Indian culture lies in its age-long prevailing tradition of the joint family system.  

         I hope you will find nice spending time with us in this vacation and also understand the importance of joint family system. I am eagerly waiting for the date to receive you from the railway station.

Your Loving Friend, 

Write a letter to your younger brother who was caught copying in his exams. Advise him on values, and principles in life.

8C, Heaven colony, 
M.G. Road, 
Mumbai - 400017.
13th February, 2013.

Dear Brother,

Thanks for your lovely birthday card. It was very well made. Yesterday, I visited a book exhibition and have picked up a book on “Human Values” for you. After all, character plays a very significant role in one’s life.

I was shocked to hear from mother that you were caught copying in your exams. It was shocking and very embarrassing to know this. What’s wrong with you? Weren’t you prepared for the paper? Even if you hadn’t studied, what was the need to cheat? Remember, it is important to be a good human being first. Scoring a few more marks by employing low means is not right. Frankly speaking, I was ashamed as I was the Head boy in class X and the thought that the Principal and the teachers would discuss about my brother cheating in class was a very disturbing thought. Mother told me that she has to meet the Principal along with Father. What an embarrassing moment for them! Our deeds reflect our family background, don’t you know that? 

Hope you realize your mistake and promise yourself to be honest always. You can improve for the best only if you are determined to do so. Take care. All the Best.

With love, 

Expansion of Theme and Story Completion.

Write a story, with the following ending. Give it a suitable title and a moral, in about 80 – 100 words. 

‘I should not have judged him so harshly.’

Ans.     The Misjudged Ajay. 

            It was a morning and I was very upset. Ajay had promised to meet me at the canteen and he was late as always. This time I had decided that I would show him my anger. The minute he entered the canteen I yelled at him for making me wait for more than an hour. But, when I told him that I was leaving. He requested me to give him just one minute to explain the reason for his delay, but I was in no mood to listen. He finally convinced me and sat me down. 

            He told me that on his way to canteen, he witnessed an accident. He stopped to help the people who were injured. He even called the police and told them how the accident had taken place. He then called for an ambulance, so that the injured people could be taken to the hospital. Before he could even finish his story, I realized my mistake and sincerely apologized for yelling at him. I should not have judged his so harshly. 

Moral: Think before you judge. 

Develop a story around the idea of working hard in life. Suggest a suitable title for it. 

Ans.     The Rewards of Hard Work. 

Ajay came from a poor rural family. He came to the city to earn a living. He worked on construction sites for a few years as a daily wage laborer. In the evenings, he would work with a transport contractor, transporting goods. He regularly sent money to his parents in the village and also began saving some money for a better future. 

As the years passed by, he gained a lot of knowledge about the construction business at the sites where he was working. He then began taking small civil contracts for repair work and gradually, became a small-time contractor. A decade later, he became a well- established civil contractor in the city. His parents and siblings also moved to the city. His perseverance had paid off and he was finally able to provide for his family and lead a comfortable life. 

Expand the following idea in about 80 – 100 words:

“A Man is known by the company he keeps”

Ans. Man is a social animal. By nature, he cannot live alone. He always seeks the company of other people for the satisfaction of his needs. A man is usually judged by the kind of people he associates with, because to some extent, a person’s tastes and preferences are influenced by the people spends time with. 

For example, if a child is studious and likes reading books and studying, he would make friends who have similar interests. Thus, a person’s nature, likes, dislikes and preferences can be judged from the kind of people, he keeps company with. 

Perseverance is the key to success

Perseverance means persistently doing something, despite the difficulties or delay in the results. The road to success is paved with hurdles and we can only achieve success if we do not get bogged down by the obstacles. 

The qualities of determination, discipline and dedication are the pillars of perseverance. Success is a long and tiring journey, which requires a lot of hard work and patience. Indeed, the fruits of success are sweet. If we learn to enjoy our work and remain patient, we will unlock the path to success with the key of perseverance. 

Information Transfer

The following is the information given in the form of a table. Write two paragraphs of about 70-80 words using the information given below.

3,07,713 sq. km. 
1,91,791 sq. km.
Godavari, Krishna, Bhima, Koyana
Tungabhadra, Kaveri
Jawar, Bajra, Sugarcane
Jawar, Tea, Rubber
Major Cities
Mumbai, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nasik
Manglore, Hubli, Dharwad 


Maharashtra and Karnataka are neighbouring States. Area wise Maharashtra is Larger than Karnataka. 3, 07, 713 sq. m. and 1, 91, 791 sq. km are the area of Maharashtra and Karnataka respectively. Mumbai is the Capital of former and Bangalore is for latter. Marathi is the main language spoken in Maharashtra whereas Kannada is for Karnataka. Godavari, Krishna, Bhima and Koyana are the main rivers running in Maharashtra. In case of Karnataka it is Tungabuadra, Kaveri. Jawar, Bajra and Sugarcane are the main crops in Maharashtra and Jawar, Tea and Rubber are the main crops in Karnataka. Mumbai, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Nasik are some of the major cities in Maharashtra. Mangalore, Hubli and Dharwar are the major cities in Karnataka.

Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the enrolment of girls and boys in a school from 1998 to 2002.

Ans. The given table represents the enrolment of girls and boys in a school from 1998 to 2002. In the year 1998 the number of enrolment of boys was more than that of girls. It consists of 5000 in boys and 4911 in case of girls. In 1999, The number of boys were increased about 200 as compared to previous year and in case of girls the total number of enrolment was 5099. In 2000, The number of boys decreased by 100 and it remains the same for the year 2001 also. It accounts for 5100. In case of girls, in 2000 it is 5067 and in 2001 it was 5190. In the last year 2002, number of both boys and girl increased. But the rate of increase in boys were more than that of girls. In that years, the total number of enrolment in boys and girls were 5320 and 5205 respectively.

Look at the following diagram and write at least three paragraphs on ‘Reasons for the failure of students’. Also write in brief the ways to improve their situations.


The given diagram represents the reasons for the failure of students in studies. These include wasting too much time in playing games, lack of proper study habits. The main and the prime concern among small children is watching TV and incase of teenagers it is watching cinema or films. The students between the age of 16 to 22 mostly becomes the victim of bad company due to which their studies get affected. Now a days due to the influence of social media students do not have time to think about their future, it leads to low aims, without proper planning no one can reach the goal. If we don't know the destiny no way will lead us to there. Lack of proper guidance, proper environment and proper motivation also become the major part in distracting the study mind of the children.

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