1. Write an appreciation of the poem in about 12 to 15 sentences with the help of the following points.

1.     Title
2.     Poet
3.     Rhyme Scheme
4.     Favourite line
5.     Theme / Central idea
6.     Figures of Speech
7.     Special features – Type of the poem, language, tone, implied meaning etc. 
8.     Why I like / dislike the poem. 

Ans. The title of the poem is ‘Where the Mind is Without fear…’ It is composed by the great Rabindranath Tagore. 

There is no fixed rhyme scheme in the poem as it is written in a free verse format. My favourite line from the poem is, “Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake”, because it is not only a prayer to the Almighty, but also a message to the countrymen to awaken from the bondages of colonial-rule. The central idea of the poem is about the poet’s vision of freedom for his country. He desires and prays for an overall awakening of the poem of the nation and not just for political freedom. 

The figures of speech used in the poem are Alliteration, Metaphor, Apostrophe, Personification and Synecdoche. 

Among the special features of the poem is the fact that, it is a poem of hope as the poet is not happy with the present condition of the country, but he is hopeful for a better future. The poet uses many metaphors to elaborate the evils existent in the country. Each thought has been connected using the word ‘where’. The poem is full of positive and negative imagery as the poet envisions a better future while facing the bleak reality of today. 

I like the poem for its beautiful dream of a free and equal place, where the fellowmen live with each other in peace and harmony. The poem has a universal appeal and is relevant even today. 


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