Chapter 5:Information in Indian Language

Information in Indian Language

Q.1. Fill in the blanks:
  1. Documents and websites in regional languages can now be created because of Unicode.
  2. Devanagari script is used to write or type in Marathi.
  3. ASCII is a character encoding system.
  4. Phonetic conversion of text from one script to another is called transliteration.
  5. Inscript keyboard maps an Indian script on an English keyboard.
  6. Embedded Google translate web element makes a web page available in other languages.

Q.2. State whether the following statements are true or false.
  1. Unicode will make e-governance application possible for all the constitutionally recognized Indian languages.  True
  2. Systems which recognize Unicode can read and process data in only one language. False
  3. Unicode is also known as the Universal alphabet.  True
  4. All Unicode fonts support multiple scripts. True
  5. Transliteration and translation mean the same. False
  6. Google dictionary is method to look-up ward meanings across languages. True
  7. Google translate is a free automatic translator. True
  8. You can translate an entire web page directly from Google Translate. True
  9. Google Translate supports translation into Marathi. False
  10. Marathi Wikipedia has more than 40 lakh articles. False

Q.3. Fill in the blanks:
  1. The Unicode specification (standard) was created to make documents readable across operating systems and platforms.
  2. Unicode is also known as UTF -8
  3. Transliteration is related to phonetic (representation)
  4. The Google translate web element makes a website available in other languages.
  5. English Wikipedia was launched in  2001
  6. Presently, Marathi Wikipedia has more than 35 thousand articles.

Q.4. Rewrite the following statements by selecting two correct options.
  1. ASCII and Unicode are character encoding standards.
  2. Phonetic and Inscript are the types of keyboard used for typing in Indian languages.
  3. Google transliteration and Google dictionary are built in Google Translate

Q.5. Answer the following

1. What is Unicode?

Unicode is the universal character encoding standard, developed by the Unicode Consortium. Unicode standard assigns a unique identifier to more than 1 million characters, covering all the major, minor and historic scripts of the world and many mathematical and other symbols.

3. What is UTF-8?
UFT stands for UCS Transformation Formats. UTF-8 encodes each of the more than 1 million Unicode characters using one to four 8 bit bytes. UTF-8 encoding standard ensures that data and documents are stored in a consistent manner so that there is no problem while transporting documents access operating systems, proof checking, translation and searching.

4. What is an inscript keyboard?

In this layout all the vowels and vowel signs are placed on the left side of the keyboard and the consonants on the right side. It is the default layout for  text entry in Indian languages.

5. What phonetic keyboard?

In this typing of word or character are to be typed according to pronunciation. Due to the typing of Marathi and Hindi becomes easy for the English Keyboard users.

7. Explain Google Transliteration?

Google transliteration offers an option for converting the sound of the words from one alphabet to the other and not their meaning.

8. Give the Marathi transliteration of the following IME:
Refer page no.
Give the output of the following using Baraha IME
Refer Pg.

10. What is google translate Web Element?

The google translate web element allows to instantly view web pages in other languages.
It offers the visitors of the webpage the option to view a translated version of the website.

11.Write a short note on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a free information base. Anybody can publish their information on Wikipedia. The publishers are not paid for posting. Due to the contribution of many writers, visitors can get quality information on various topics. English Wikipedia was launched in 2001, there are more than 40 lakh articles published.
In 2003 Marathi Wikipedia was launched. There are around 35000 articles  in Marathi.

12. Write a short note on Marathi Wikipedia.

In 2003 Marathi wikipedia was launched. Marathi knowledge will be improved due to the wikipedia.
There are about 35000 articles in Marathi.
Marathi bearers gain more knowledge and get quality information.

Q.6. Answer the following:

1. Explain Google Translate in detail

Google Translate is a free automatic translator. It uses the state of art technology. Translate supports a lot of Indian Languages.
To translate words and phrases instantly, select the translation language and simply type the text. The result appears instantly as you type.
Some languages are difficult to type like Marathi, Russian, hindi it needs a special keyboard. Google translate helps to type in English as the word sounds phonetically.
The google translate web element allows to instantly view web pages in other languages.

It also offers the option to view a translated version of the website.

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