Q.1 Fill in the blanks:
  1. ICT has become a powerful tool in the fight against world poverty.
  2. ICT is providing developing countries with an unprecedented opportunity to meet vital Development goals.
  3.  ICT is used in industry to support supply chain management.
  4. Due to ICT, people are tending to become more individualistic and introvert.
  5. E-governance uses ICT to work as a bridge between government and citizens.

Q.2 State whether the following statements are true or false:

  1. ICTs cannot help developing countries in meeting vital development goals.      False
  2. Global economy means borderless economy.                  True
  3. ICT is one of the development pillars to gain national competitive advantage.      True
  4. Use of ICT blocks cognitive development of students.               False
  5. The sole objective of teaching at school is to give information.            False
  6. ICT cannot be used in evaluation process.              False
  7. A virtual laboratory does not provide students the freedom to manipulate any Attribute or variable related to an experiment.              False
  8. Online tutoring uses VSAT.                        True
  9. Some students need academic support outside the school.            True
  10. The computers, networking and the Internet are the backbones of the banking System.                                 True
  11. NEFT stands for National Electronic Fund Transfer.               True
  12. RTGS stands for Real Time Gross System.               False
  13. E-commerce makes buying and selling activities slower.               False
  14. Higher bandwidth has made high speed broadband connectivity possible.   True
  15. There are no negative impacts of ICT on society or individual.            False
  16. A computer cannot harm users if they use it for long hours frequently.         False
  17. One of the ways people become aware of ICTs and related services is through the media.  True

Q.3 Multiple choice questions: (Single Correct Answer)

  1. ICT has become a powerful tool in the fight against world poverty.
  2. ICT is one of the economic development pillars to gain national competitive advantage.
  3. ICT can be used at both school and higher education levels for online tutoring.
  4. Computerized assessment of answer sheets has been successfully implemented in competitive exams.
  5. The launch of digital TV got considerable coverage as it is a product promoted by television companies.
  6. RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement.
  7. National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) is one of the uses of ICT in banking.

Q.4 Multiple choice questions: (Two Correct Answers)
  1. The lack of appropriate business information at the right time will result in low production and quality research.
  2. ICT can be used at both school and higher education levels for evaluation and remedial teaching.
  3. In the education sector, students and administrators benefit from the use of ICTs.
  4. ICT can help in promoting local products and tourism to the world.
  5. Health problems due to frequent long sessions on computer are eyestrain and physical stress.
  6. Challenges of ICT in education are cognitive development and problem based learning.
  7. The popular discussions groups are facebook and yahoo groups.
  8. Facebook and Orkut are popular discussions groups.

Q.5. Answer in brief:

1. What are the advantages of ecommerce to the economy.

  • To boost up economy.
  • Helps buying and selling activities easier, efficient and faster.
  • For this they use computer, internet and shared softwares.

2. How can ICT be used to connect to colleagues, friends and relatives.

With capability of bandwidth, broadband and connection speed, any information can be shared via email. With friends, business partner instantly. It saves time and is inexpensive.

3. How can information be shared and updated with the use of ICT?

Using ict information, news, opinion, mailing list, forums  can be shared by people all around the world by using popular groups on the internet like facebook, orkut, google groups and yahoo groups.

4. Write a short note on social problems due to ICT.

  • There are negative effects of ict. It has created social problems in the society.
  • People choose online communication rather than real time conservation.
  • People tend to become more individualistic and introvert.
  • Social Networking sites can cause adverse effect on young minds.

5. Write a short note on the negative impacts of ICT on health.

  • Computers harm users if they use it for long hours frequently.
  • Computer users are exposed to bad posture, eyestrain and mental stress.

6. How do people find out about ICTs through media?

  • Media use is important activity for acquiring knowledge about the product and use it for innovations.  
  • We can be aware of many innovations and other peoples experiences and assessments.
  • There is great deal of advertising for consumer products by using internet access, computers, mobile phone.
  • Different programs, magazines and newspaper give different coverage depending on how they view their audience and thus exposure to ideas, endorsement will vary.
  • Advertising campaigns for multimedia related products and services are one source of exposure.
  • Media makes people aware of innovations an help them know of certain products and systems.

Q.6. Answer the following?

1. State any four usage of ICT in day to day life.

Education : Students and teachers use ICT to enhance learning and cognitive skills. Research and school administrators can collect and analyse data.
Banking: It has transformed entire banking to ebanking
Industry: It is used for product designing and inventory control.
Ecommerce: For efficient buying and selling online.
E-Governance: Provides easy access to government services and payment of taxes.
Personal activities : For banking transaction, share trading, booking tickets and online shopping.
Employment: Service industry are providing new jobs to youth and women.
Personal and Community : It is used for socializing and contacting friends and relatives.

2. List any four areas for which ict can be used in school and higher education.

ICT is being used both at school and higher education levels in the following areas:
  • Teaching
  • Remedial Teaching
  • Evaluation
  • Development of Virtual Laboratory
  • Online Tutoring
  • Development of Reasoning and Thinking
  • Research and development methodology
  • Instructional Material Development.

3. Describe the usage of ICT in banking and Industry.  

In Banking

  • Customers can carry out online transaction (24 x 7)
  • Businessmen can save time, access company accounts  for loan application, business transaction and update their cash flow anytime.
  • Bank admins can monitor entire banking activities such as reconciliations, inter branch activities, telegraphic transfer, RTGS, NEFT fund transfer.
In Industry

  • Workers: Use machine to carry out routine task. Robots are used to take over jobs that are dangerous.
  • Researchers: use it to analyze and collect research data for development.
  • Administrator: use to oversee the entire operation plant or factory.

4. State the usage of ICT for personal activities.

  • Read news papers.
  • Connect ourselves to our family, relatives or colleagues while away from home by using email, messenger, conference call or video conference.
  • Carry out electronic transaction through Debit/Credit cards, net banking, trading of shares.
  • Book Air / Rail tickets
  • Purchase books/ office equipments through commercial website.
  • Learn through interactive websites.
  • Watch television.

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