Q. 1. Fill inthe blanks.

1. Raw data is processed to convert it into useful _________
2. EDI stands for _________ Data Interchange.
3. Computer modelling is the representation of __________ dimensional objects on computer.
4. Regional language character keys are directly available on ____________ keyboard.
5. Construction of objects and graphs of functions is shown by ____________ view in GeoGebra.

Ans. (1) Information. (2) Electronic, (3) three, (4) Inscript, (5) Graphic.

Q. 2. State true or False.

(1) LCD projector can be used for effective teaching to large number of students.

(2) ATM in banking stands for Any Time Money.

(3) Computer Modelling is a part of Computer Simulation.

(4) Social Networking websites can cause adverse effect on young minds.

(5) Opera is not a web browser.

Ans. (1) True, (2) False, (3) True, (4) True, (5) False.

Q. 3. Multiple Choice Single Answer. (Rewrite the correct sentences.)

(1) The data sent over the network are broken into small packets and wrapped with shipping and assembly instructions called _____________.
(a) Internet
(b) Information Technology
(c) Protocols.
(D) Knowledge Society.

(2) The vast amount of information is available anywhere through _____________
(a) Books
(B) Computer
(C) Internet
(D) Presentation.

(3) _______________ is not a discussion group on social websites.

(A) Ms - Word
(B) Google Groups
(C) Facebook
(D) Orkut.

(4) Transliteration is related to ____________

(A) Phonetic
(B) Translation
(C) Compression
(D) Encryption.

(5) _____________ has made it possible to create websites in regional language.

(A) Unicode
(C) MS - Word
(D) Web Browser.

(6) Input Bar option is available in ____________ menu of GeoGebra.

(A) File
(B) Edit
(C) View
(D) Help

Q. 4. Multiple Choice two answers (any two) (Rewrite the correct sentences)

(1) Advantages of E- Commerce are ________ and _______.
Reduction in cost
Removal of viruses
Better customer service
Local scope

(2) __________ and __________ are often used interchangeably and difference between then is trivial.


(3) Challenges of ICT in education are ____________ and __________

Cognitive development
Enhanced learning
Hardware and software.

(4) The Geogebra screen is divided into Graphic view, ____________ and ________________.

Algebra view
Input bar
Page View
Chart Bar.

Q. 5. Answer in brief (Any six)

Ans. VoIP can be typically used in the following ways.
Computer to Computer: This is the basic form of VoIP. Users can simply talk to each other through a piece of software installed on their computers using a headset.

Phone to Computer: Users can use a VoIP program installed on their computer to call phones. They can call any number worldwide; landline or mobile phone.

VoIP Phones: VoIP phones apparently look like telephones. Users speak and hear through them just like a phone connected to the internet, hence the name is VoIP system. Dialling the number is same as that of normal phone.

VoIP Adapters: VoIP adapters can connect existing telephone to VoIP system. This means users can use their current phone to use VoIP.

Ans. The benefits of ICT in Science and Mathematics are as follows:
(a) ICT promotes interest in the learning process.
(b) It provides opportunities for students to take part in co - operative activities.
(c) It provides a variety of challenging learning processes.
(d) It provides the different ways for manipulating diagrams and data.

Ans. The options of file menu in GeoGebra are as follows:

New Window
Open Webpage
Save us
Export (submenu)
Print Preview

Ans. The following are the steps to draw the graph of the given equation:
(a) From the view menu, click on the Axes option.
(b) Click on Input Bar at the bottom of GeoGebra window.
(c) Use the keyboard and the dropdown menus (next to the Input Bar) for typing equation, 3x + 4y = 15 and press enter key.
(d) Now we shall get line for 3x + 4y = 15.

Q. 6. Answer the following (any Two)

Ans. The advantages of VoIP are as follows:

(1) Computer and VoIP can be used simultaneously. VoIP services can also be used while travelling and can be used via internet connection.

(2) VoIP is becoming a preferred communication option for consumers due to lower fees for basic broadband service and the brisk adoption of even faster internet offenings.

(3) VoIP has established itself with the voice and data industries by means of integrating robust, scalable and reliable product within existing networks.

(4) VoIP brings together the best of the converged communication services.

The disadvantages of VoIP are as follows:

(1) Due to probability of data hacking, there is a rising problem for the confidentiality of communications.

(2) Chances of receiving unwanted voicemails and emails cannot be avoided.

(3) Sometimes VoIP data travels in unencrypted form over the Internet. Hence confidentiality in data transfer is one of the important issues.

(4) Since VoIP is based on the Internet connection, the quality of calls is dependent on the broadband Internet service, Poor Internet connection can directly affect the quality of calls.

Ans. Simulation Computer simulation is the technique of representing the real world by a computer program.

Computer simulation is the special type of computer software. It creates artificial model of a system. It offers hands on activities that feel like the real experience.

Application of Simulation:
1) It is used in research. Example: Testing of explosive material virtually.
2) It is used in design. Example: To design model of a car, machine or any industrial product of factory.
3) It is used in risky training Example: In pilot training.
4) It is used in education. Example: Without using chemicals, neutralization process can be demonstrated.
5) It is used in Entertainment Example: War games, arcade games, 3D games.

(1 marks each for correct steps Total – 4 marks)  [Answer from BOARD Answer key]
Ans.   a) Select “segment with given length from point” tool and click at point A on the graphic view screen.

b) Enter length 3.9 in the window and select OK option, so as to get segment of length 3.9 cms.

c) Select “Perpendicular Bisector” tool.

d) Click on the segment to get perpendicular bisector to the segment.

(1 marks each for correct steps Total – 4 marks)  [Answer from BOARD Answer key]
Ans.   a) Select “Polygon” tool and click point A, B, C and on Graphic view to get triangle ABC.

b) Select “Angle” tool to measure interior angles α, β and ϒ of the triangle ABC.

c) By selecting the required vertices of the triangle in clockwise direction to get the interior angles α, β and ϒ of the triangle ABC.

d) Input α +  β + ϒ in the input bar and enter to get sum of the interior angles of the triangle as 180° on the Algebraic view.

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