State any four advantages of and four disadvantages of VoIP.

State any four advantages of and four disadvantages of VoIP.

Ans. The advantages of VoIP are as follows:

(1) Computer and VoIP can be used simultaneously. VoIP services can also be used while travelling and can be used via internet connection.

(2) VoIP is becoming a preferred communication option for consumers due to lower fees for basic broadband service and the brisk adoption of even faster internet offenings.

(3) VoIP has established itself with the voice and data industries by means of integrating robust, scalable and reliable product within existing networks.

(4) VoIP brings together the best of the converged communication services.

The disadvantages of VoIP are as follows:

(1) Due to probability of data hacking, there is a rising problem for the confidentiality of communications.

(2) Chances of receiving unwanted voicemails and emails cannot be avoided.

(3) Sometimes VoIP data travels in unencrypted form over the Internet. Hence confidentiality in data transfer is one of the important issues.

(4) Since VoIP is based on the Internet connection, the quality of calls is dependent on the broadband Internet service, Poor Internet connection can directly afect the quality of calls.

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