Q. 1. Fill in the blanks and rewrite the completed statements.

1. _____________ is a diverse mixtuure of technology tools and resources to create, differentiate, store and manage information for communication. [ICT]

2. __________ is the spece on the internet used to communicate, interact and collaborate with others.  [Forum]

3. A ____________ is a computer program that attempts to display a real life system. [Simulation]

4. ______________ makes buying and selling activities easier, more efficient and faster. [E - commerce]

5. ______________ is a system of representation of text and symbols. [Unicode]

Q. 2. State whether the following statements are True or False. [5]

1. LCD projectors cannot be used for effective teaching for large number of students.  [False]

2. The nature of mathematics has changed considerably because of availability of ICT. [True]

3. RTGS stands for Real Time Gross System. [False]

4. VOIP is a type of communication that allows us to make phone calls over broadband internet connection. [True]

5. Google translate is a free automatic translater. [True]

Q. 3. Rewrite the following statements by selecting the correct option. [6]

1. _____________ is the information highway.
a. Data
b. Internet
c. Information Technology
d. Google.

2. A computer modelling is the representation on dimensional objects on computer.

a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 1

3. _____________ is one of the popular discussion group on the internet.

a. Facebook
b. Windows server
c. Netscape
d. Mozilla

4. ________________ is the virtual representation of physical market.

a. E - market
b. Internet Commerce
c. Internet
d. EDI

5. In Geogebra, axes option is found in ___________ menu.

a. Help
b. Tools
c. Window
d. View

6. ______________ is useful application for viewing almost any location in the world from a bird’s eye view.

a. Google Maps
b. Goodle Ride Finder
c. Google Earth
d. Google Transit.

Q. 4. Rewrite the following statements by selecting two correct options (any two) [4]

1. To create a histogram, we can use the ____________ and ___________

(a) Input bar

(b) Spreadsheet View

(c) Graphic View

(d) Algebraic View

2. Types of VOIP are __________ and ______________

(a) VOIP adaptors

(b) Broadband

(c) VOIP service provider

(d) VOIP phones

3. ICT tools include _____________ and _____________ can be used to make learning more interesting.

(a) hareware

(b) physical

(c) material

(d) software

4. Information Communicatin Technology works on ___________ and __________ model.

(a) Loss

(b) Response

(c) Request

(d) Process

Q. 5. Answer the following questions (any six) [12]

6. Give the output of the following using Baraha IME:
(a) helo
(b) RuShI

8. Draw the following construction tools:
(a) Polygon
(b) Angle.

Q. 6. Answer in brief. (any two) [8]

(4) Identify the following construction tools and write their names: