With a proper beginning and conclusion prepare a list of 10 questions to interview Dr. Narverkar, the chief guest at the science exhibition.

The following questions formed part of the interview the interviewer
had with Dr Narverkar, the Chief Guest at the recently held Science
exhibition held in the city.

1. Who inspired you to become a scientist?
2. What was your dream as a young student?
3. To what extent have you achieved your dream?
4. Whom do you attribute your success to?
5. What is your take on the role of Science in human life today?
6. How would you rate the success of the exhibition that you have just visited?
7. What is your view about the working models prepared by the students?
8. Please express your views about the level of Science input given at the school level.
9. With regard to the field of Science, what kind of a future do you desire for India?
10. Please share your message of motivation to our young students.

Dr Narverkar was delighted to share his mental space with the interviewer by answering the above questions at the recently concluded interview.

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